ISIL: Ugly Washington’s Child

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by Vladimir Platov, NEO: 

A considerable amount of evidence in support not only of the close ties with ISIL and involvement of the White House in the emergence of this terrorist radical formation, but also the US participation in the preparation of its militants and supplying them with weapons has been already published in various countries.

It is enough to at least recall an interview of a famous American essayist, philosopher and theorist Noam Chomsky made for Al-Ahram, Egyptian publishing house, in November 2014, saying that the success of the terrorist group ISIL is attributed to the US policy, and Saudi Arabia. He stressed at the time that Barack Obama had directly authorized ISIL weapons equipping through the Gulf States, particularly through Qatar, and now threatened the Arab countries with those things in which creation they had participated in recent years. He stated: “If Washington was sincere in the struggle against ISIL, it had to contend with Saudi Arabia as the cradle of Wahhabism and extremism, as well as the financial backer of terrorist groups in the west, east and south-east Asia.

One cannot also forget the declaration of the Iranian leaders in March of this year, on the arrest of three American military advisers during operation “Scorpion Sting”, who aided ISIL to carry out specific operations in Iraq.

However, apart from these evidences, some others were published as well, confirming the involvement of the US intelligence in the armed militants of ISIL with the use of military transport aircraft from Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, having performed around 200 flights with landings at international airports of Turkey and Jordan, including the Esenboga Airport near Ankara. Reports on landing of military cargo in regions controlled by ISIL militants, were confirmed by Iranian scout sources, including those fighting against ISIL in the province of Salah al-Din (Yathrib and Balad districts). Similar facts were also registered in October 2014 not far from the Syrian city of Coban and in November the Iraqi Intelligence Service released an official statement, in which they confirmed that there was the aid given to ISIL terrorists in the fight against Iranian army and security forces, in the form of dropping ammunition and weapons from the US war planes.

In June 2014 Aaron Klein, in an article for World Net Daily stated that ISIL members had a training in Jordan in 2012 under the supervision of American instructors whose actions were strictly confidential.

Officials of the US military so far refused to recognize their supporting and arming terrorists, although General Martin Dempsey admitted in his speech before the Senate Committee on Armed Services that their Arab allies in the Middle East funded activities of the Islamic state. Another high-ranking military officer, Thomas McInerney, in September, told Fox News, that influential US forces initially bet on ISIL militants among the warring parties in Syria, which resulted in arms provided to a group of people attacking the consulate in Benghazi in Libya September of 2012. In response to this evidence, the US officials persistently continued to assert that their country is arming “peaceful” mercenaries in Syria in order to fight against ISIL and the government of Assad in Damascus by their own hands, although it is clear that these forces are no longer an active participant in the theatre of military operations, having been replaced by dangerous radical groups. However, in spite of all of these attempts from the White House to avoid acknowledging their involvement in the establishment and operations of the ‘Islamic state’, the other day, as a result of publication of declassified documents of the US State Department and the Department of Defence made by Judicial Watch, a conservative organization supervising the US Government, the documentary evidence was presented again that the security services and the US administration yet in 2012 deliberately went to support ISIL, hoping to use this organization in the fight against the legitimate authorities of Syria and other political adventures of the White House. A report on the growing threat of the ‘Islamic state’, prepared on August 5, 2012, clearly stated a warning that this formation would have “disastrous consequences for the situation in Iraq” and would give huge advantages for ISIL, which arose on the basis of Al- Qaeda in Iraq. “This creates ideal conditions for the return of Al-Qaeda to Iraq, to their former pockets of resistance, located in Mosul and Ramadi,” the document says. It further points out that the ISIL can announce the Islamic State after entering into alliance with other terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria, which would create a serious danger for unifying Iraq and defending its territory.

The stated report of the Defense Intelligence Agency – (DIA), originally classified as «SECRET // NOFORN» and dated August 12, 2012, was sent to many US government agencies, including CENTCOM, CIA, FBI, DHS, NGA, the US State Department and many others. From these documents, it follows that in 2012 the US intelligence clearly understands the growing threat to peace from ISIL. However, the US administration decided to use this terrorist organization in solving their regional problems in the Middle East, including the weakening of the Muslim regimes in Syria, Iraq, Iran and several other countries. The documents of the US government agencies published by Judicial Watch visually confirm that the Al-Nusra arming process was directly coordinated by the US intelligence. Al-Nusra was joined ISIL and other jihad groups. American arms, delivered to Syria, including anti-tank missiles, was made available to ISIL Al-Nusra’s militants back in 2012, including through direct weapon supply to ISIL from Washington’s allies – Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Support from Washington for the Saudi project to create an ‘Islamic state’ was acknowledged by Robert Ford, a former US ambassador to Syria, in his recent interview for Foreign Policy Journal. He pointed out that the US protection of this terrorist group with the help of former officers of Baathist army was a huge mistake.

Overall, the introduction of the documents published by Judicial Watch creates the impression of a very strange coincidence of the tactics on the participating the US and Western countries in dealing with ISIL and Nazi Germany in the years 1938-1940. One can trace a similar scheme using any militant forces to fraternize with them, a large destabilization of the region and to ensure their own interests. In this case the preferences is given to solution of extremely difficult and sensitive tasks by proxy, secretly flattering most reactionary players on the world stage, while catastrophic fatal myopia will not be sobering, including the West.

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