Is Jerusalem the 4th leg at the table of the Corporate Fascist Empire completing the Vatican-City of London-DC alliance?

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by Katherine Frisk: 

Keep in mind that for over a 1,000 years starting with the crusades, the Vatican has attempted to bring Jerusalem under their complete control as it once was under the Roman Empire during the first century A.D.

Also keep in mind that the Founding Fathers of the USA Constitution disallowed a Vatican Embassy in D.C. upholding a policy of separation between church and state and freedom of religious belief, something John  F Kennedy agreed with when he stated,

” I might be a Catholic but I do not take orders from a priest.”

During Ronald Reagan’s Presidency the Vatican finally achieved a long sort after objective and has had an embassy in Washington D.C. ever since. According to Jim Willie from The Golden Jackass.com in a recent interview, Obama and most Presidents before him have been given a billion dollar Vatican untraceable account for their services. Considering that the Vatican has major shareholding and interests in Bank of America, Lockheed Martin and in all likelihood the NSA which is a 21st century version of the confessional to name a few, how much support does the TPP and the TTIP have from the Vatican bank and is there a Jesuit hand behind these trade deals?

In September the Pope will address the US Congress and the UN. The question arises:

Does the US Congress and the UN now take orders from a priest? 

Many around the world would agree that Jerusalem, which is a city holy to Judaism, Christianity and Islam should become an International city under UN jurisdiction. But will it? Or will it become the fourth leg completing the Corporate Fascist Empire of the Vatican, the City of London and Washington D.C.?

from News Stories Regarding the Reset: 

Dear Jim: World news: an Israeli reports that Jerusalem is no longer part of Israel.

He says new checkpoints and roads are going in to make it clear that it’s not part of Israel but that the partitioning is already done.  It sounds to me like Jerusalem’s status will be similar to Vatican City, City of London or Washington DC:       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LI2Nnt9T3Y

I wonder how this will get passed off without revealing that there is a hand operating above the sovereign state?  Apparently, if this is true, we’re not supposed to know about it yet because the video is from almost a week ago and I could only find a report about this Supreme Court ruling in AlJazeera.com:     Link

Something else interesting is that the Pope is coming to the US in September.  I believe the purpose of his visit is still a mystery and that has led to speculation that something will happen in the months leading up to his visit.  He supposedly has a meeting with President Obama on Sep. 23rd, then speaks before Congress on the 24th (has never happened before, I believe) and then he is supposed to speak at the UN.    Pete


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