Is Israel Beyond Saving – or Worth it?

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by Jim Dean, NEO: 

“Israeli spies have done more harm and have damaged the United States more than the intelligence agents of all other countries on earth combined…They are the gravest threat to our national security.”– Admiral Bobby Iman, former Deputy Director of the CIA

I have been reading Uri Avnery for many years now, the old sage and liberal conscience of Israel. In his 91st year now, Uri started out as a fourteen-year-old courier for the Irgun, but left them when he was old enough to disapprove of their methods. He has been an active Zionist for 77 years.

When I began doing Heritage TV work in Atlanta I always enjoyed working with what I called the “golden oldies” talent — those who not only watched world events but participated in them. They were light years beyond the book knowledge crowd, because their whole lives had been a non-stop educational experience. Many had been WWII veterans who then went on to have incredible careers, but not always publicly known ones.

Uri became my expert in internal Israeli politics due to his vast experience. After serving and being wounded in the 1948 war, he went into journalism and migrated into the Knesset for ten years in 1965 when Ben Gurion was still in the game. And troublemaker he was, being assaulted on several occasions and seriously stabbed once.

The lock down in the American Press toward any criticism of Israel is so total that it includes never republishing anything from the Israeli media where Zionists fight tooth and nail constantly over everything imaginable with their hardball, take no prisoners politics.

As a long time opponent of the Israeli hard Right and Netanyahu Likuds, when I wanted to know what new outrages they were involved in, I would watch for Uri’s columns. And so it was when Bibi finally bootstrapped another coalition together from Israel’s fractious multiparty system, the bad news from Uri came with the foreboding title, “Who can save Israel?”

To say it was a doom and gloom piece is an understatement. What Uri described was literally a coup against the dream of living in peace beside a Palestinian state. His first line was an executioner’s bullet, “The net result is that Israel has given up all pretense of desiring peace, and that Israeli democracy has suffered a blow from which it may never recover.”

He describes one of the biggest being the anticipated gutting of Israel’s Supreme Court, which has served as the protector of human rights in a territory with no constitution, and political parties that treat their opposition almost as Palestinians. In the hard bargaining to save his new government, Bibi had to agree to letting the extreme right-winger Ayelet Shaked become minister of Justice, despite her plans to stuff the committee that appoints the judges with those loyal to the party.

Netanyahu will retain the Ministry of Communication for himself, so that he and his good buddy Sheldon Adelson can purge their opposition from all state media. Channel 10 is expected to close by the end of May. And to make sure he has no trouble in the Foreign Ministry as he did with Lieberman, Bibi is going to keep that for himself, too. No, folks…I am not making this up. Welcome to “the only democracy in the Mid East”.

The Likuds have just copied a number from ISIL on beheading the opposition to eliminate it forever. Israel is now going to be ruled over by a gang of Zionist war lords, who will share the spoils among themselves and vanquish their enemies both in hearts and minds.

Nationalist-religious leader Naftali Bennett will see to the propaganda of the mind, as he will be the new Education Minister. He has already announced that Israeli kids will be schooled on how to grow up to be hard-core unrepentant Zionists who will disdain any thought of Palestinian rights.

And here this story takes a sad twist, because Uri has something in common with the political brutes he sees taking extended and profound control over Israel. He also is an unrepentant Zionist, but not like Bibi and his Likud buddies and the Arab-hating settlers. Uri has no regrets over what was done to the Palestinians to create the Jewish State.

He supports peace, but not the kind there might have been if the atheist, communistic self-described Hebrews who flooded into Palestine after WWII under the curious guise that “God gave us the land” had not shot their way in. My Neturei Karta friend, Rabbi Weiss and I recorded two hours of studio footage twelve years ago concerning some of the nasty things they did.

One mind blower was how the call went out for North Africa’s Jews to leave their home countries to move to Israel to help build the Zionist state, most were happy to stay where their families had lived for hundreds of years. The Zios would have none of that.

The Israelis sent Intel teams into these countries to foment anti-semitism campaigns and yes, even bombing synagogues to encourage Jews to emigrate. The tactic worked as intended. Some of those involved in the false flag campaigns, having regrets in their old age, shared what they had seen and done with these Neturei Karta Jews.

I have no bias towards early Zionists — whom I refer to as the cultural Zionists — those that just wanted to live in the Holy land and its history, but had no plans or desire to take it over by force, as those who came later did. General Sir Edward Morgan, logistics planner for D-day who was later put in charge of the Displaced Persons (DP) camps, described in his book how the Zionists took over the camp administrations and ruled them with an iron fist.

They combed through the personnel files looking for people with war skills that would be needed in their planned war to throw the Arabs out, people like airplane mechanics. They were literally shanghaied out of the camps.

Steven Green’s book, Taking Sides, blew the doors off all the US classified material on US-Israeli relations, including the military Intel files. As the Mid East has become a geopolitical football, so it was at the beginning of the Cold War after WWII. The Soviets wanted to get the British out of Palestine, so they supported the Zionists with rear area basing in Czechoslovakia, arms and funding.

These reports confirm that the Zionists had superiority over the Arab armies in a number of categories, including an air force. But this was always hidden to keep the donation money flowing. And last but not least, we learned that Ben Gurion hired Count Bernadotte’s assassin as his driver and bodyguard when he retired.

It was Churchill who coined the term that in war time, truth must be protected by a bodyguard of lies. He left out telling us that lies must be protected by even more lies. And so we struggle daily to dig out from under them.

We wish Uri good luck in his journey to understand the real heart of militant Zionism. The Israeli Left has been used as the “softer, gentler Zionism” — a smokescreen for them. I have had a long hard journey purging myself from such illusions. I pray that I will not still be doing it at age 91.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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