China in Africa interview, with Gail Evans of The Phaser

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from Jeff  J Bown: 

Africa is a colossally sized, eclectic continent, with over a billion citizens. How China interacts with its people in the 21st century will be critical for humanity’s survival.

It is with great pleasure that 44 Days hosts Gail Evans, from The Phaser.com, and hailing from Durban, South Africa. Jeff and Gail talk all about China in Africa, from their deep and modern histories, to economics, current events and geopolitics.

There are three installments, each about 30 minutes. So, brew up a big pot of Chinese tea or African coffee, sit back, relax and listen to a conversation that is unique in today’s alternative or mainstream venues.

Part 1: http://44days.net/?p=2396

Part 2: http://44days.net/?p=2409

Part 3: http://44days.net/?p=2416

44 Days interviews are recorded in .WMA format (Windows Media Audio). If you have any difficulty listening to them, VLC Media Player is free, works on every platform, Apple, Windows, Samsung, Linux, and will play just about every media format known. Download it here: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/#download. Highly recommended.
During the interview, Gail mentions three affiliated websites. They are:

http://thephaser.com/ – International news

http://sgtreport.com – International news, but the main focus is on the USA

http://thelibertymill.com/ – A list of many independent news media sites