Adam And Eve From Egypt With Love.

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by Katherine Frisk: 


There are a number of possibilities for the origins of the story of Adam and Eve, but the one that makes the most sense to me personally, is the one that originates in Egypt which I will share with you below.


Firstly some background and some historical facts, something we are short of in the Biblical accounts which by contrast to Egypt and the rest of the Middle East, which is littered with archaeological evidence, falls short when we try to make comparisons with the history of the countries surrounding ancient Palestine and the Biblical texts.


Egypt according to such notable scholars as John Anthony West, has a long history possibly going back some 50,000 years or more. He has taken the water marks on the sphinx as a marker when the area around Cairo experienced high levels of rainfall and was a virtual swamp as well as astrological markers to the age of the constellation of Leo. Most of the ancient world was not confused as to where babies came from and honoured the female in the form of Goddess worship, a fertility figure who ensured the continuation of the family. One excellent work on this subject, there are many others, is The Cult Of The Mother Goddess by Eric Edwards.


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Worship of the Mother Goddess lasted for eons and finally came to a close in the Middle East and Europe in the first millennium A.D. Her statues, her shrines and her groves were converted to the worship of the Madonna with child, but unlike the latter she was never considered to be some kind of mythical virgin, but a full blooded woman, wife and mother in every sense of the word.


In Egypt the Mother Goddess reigned supreme in the form of Isis, often seen with the child Horus on her lap, known as the “Mother of the God” and was the wife of Osiris. As with all Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, they had their cosmological equivalent in the heavens.


Isis was associated with the star Sirius. When Sirius rose she announced the flooding of the Nile which brought with it thick, fertile, red mud, washing down the banks and literally creating a rebirth of the country. Her waters were associated with the breaking of her waters in childbirth and the red silt with her menstrual blood that ensured ongoing fertility for the whole country from the Temple of Isis at the southern most border of Egypt to the Delta in the north as it fanned out like the branches of a tree into the Mediterranean. Isis had very real meaning to the Egyptians both in the heavens and on earth. Her priestesses were midwives and women going into labour would travel to her temples which always had a birthing section. Many of these temples had murals showing birthing instruments such as forceps while the Ankh was sacred to her, associated with life, and a tool which could be used in order to break a mother’s waters during confinement.


As above, so the Goddesses were reflected below in accordance with the teachings of Thuth, later adopted by the Greeks and called Hermes Trismegistus and then by the Romans and called Mercury. In the ancient world scholars from all over the Mediterranean travelled to Egypt to study and learn from her priesthood. This centuries old tradition finally came to an end with the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria in 391 A.D. and a wealth of knowledge was lost to the world which even today we are still trying to piece back together again.


The Nile river if seen from space looks like a huge tree, with its branches in the delta. It is the equivalent of what is often spoken about in many ancient texts, the earthly embodiment of the Tree of life. The Nile is also the Tree of knowledge, the temples lining the banks of the river honouring the Gods and Goddesses below on the earth, great centres of astronomy and astrology. A knowledge of the night sky, the movement of the sun, moon, planets, stars and the constellations was a knowledge of heaven itself.


The Cabala in Jewish teachings is This tree of life and again Egypt is the source as she had been the source for the Greeks, the Romans and is the source still even today. As you can see from the following, Isis – Malkuth is the root of the tree, it’s origins of birth which lie south at Aswan. Amun-Kether is at the highest point of the trunk, at Heliopolis across the river from the Pyramids and at the gateway to the delta. The branches are the heavenly kingdoms where all souls sit in the  the tree before flowing into the ocean of love and mercy which is the Mediterranean. As above, so below.
                                                 Shu-Binah                       Tefnut-Chokmah
(traurus) Geb-Geburah ( scorpio)                                             (aries) Nut-Chesed (libra)
           Simeon/Dan                                                                                Rueben/Benjamin
                                          (gemini) Horus-Tiphareth ( sagittarius)
(leo) Seth-Hod(aquarius)                                                         (cancer) Netzach (capricorn)
       Issachar/Asher                                                                                 Judah/Gad
                                              (virgo) Osiris-Yesod ( pisces)


Near the southern border, alongside what is now known as the city of Aswan, in the middle of the river is a small island known as Elephantine Island. It was once a small paradise surrounded by the waters of the Nile. There was a Jewish community who lived there from approximately 660 B.C and possibly even earlier. Much of the archaeological ancient history and the temples of the island were destroyed during the Ottoman Empire, as we see happening today in Iraq and Syria, which is great loss to the world as was the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria.


The Egyptians on this island worshiped a the ram headed god Khnum. He was initially a demi-god of the earth. Also known as the potter god who created people out of the clay that washed down the Nile on his potter’s wheel and placed these clay figures in their mother’s womb. Unlike the rest of the Egyptian gods and goddesses he did not have a heavenly equivalent. As with the priesthood of many religions, each one attempts to claim supremacy. Eventually Khnum was given the title of the creator of all the Gods and Goddesses, as if he of the earth and the mud clay potters wheel had created the whole cosmos. For the first time a male was seen as creating human form and replaced the Mother Goddess and along with it eventually the role of Isis was pushed well into the background and instead given the attributes of a virgin who herself could not create without the potter lord’s intervention, and then not in a natural conception.


After the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria and the fall of the Roman Empire, the centres of learning throughout Egypt, a knowledge of the heavens and the movement of the sun, moon, planets, stars and constellations across our galaxy was by and large lost until the Renaissance. All that remained was the belief in Khnum, a demi-god of the earth who created people from clay, a story which I strongly suspect was adapted and plagiarised by the Jews who lived on Elephantine Island and included in the Biblical texts.


Natural procreation between male and female became regarded as a threat to the potter, and regarded as a sin. The tree of knowledge that spread across the heavens and along the Nile river was denied his acolytes and should they rebel then human suffering and hardship would result. They would be thrown off the island paradise. The potter lord punished non believers for eating from the Tree of knowledge and denied them access to the Tree of life,  the beauty and abundance of the Nile which gave life year after year in a constant, everlasting and timeless fashion. Knowledge of both would reveal his true nature. A demi-god of the earth not the creator of the heavens as he had claimed.


This then is Jehovah in Genesis 2, a completely different deity to the one we find in Genesis 1, known as Elohim. As Jehovah is an all male god of the earth, so Elohim is both male and female and a creator of the entire cosmos and both male and female are made in their image. As Adam and Eve are created after the seventh day of rest by Jehovah, so the all of humanity is created by Elohim within the symbolic “seven stages” of creation. Genesis 2 and Jehovah is in alignment with Khnum while Genesis 1 and Elohim is in alignment with the Egyptian pantheon as is the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life.