What Syriza’s New IMF Loan is Really All About…

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by from The Wealth Watchman, The Daily 


Desperate Gamble

Greetings, brothers!  This week we take a look at the newest, tragic farce in Greece, which occurred on May 12th.

We discuss what transpired, and how Greece met their obligations to the IMF…

We review what this new desperate move by Syriza is really all about.

We answer the question: “why would Greece borrow anymore money at this point, and why would the IMF go along with it?”

Lastly, we discuss a scenario that’s becoming a greater likelihood for the Greek people, with each passing day….and how politicians may use it to excuse themselves from this mess.

Everyone knows the game is up, and that time grows short…

But will this desperate gambit by Syriza accomplish what they hope?

We will soon see…

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