Saudi Arabia’s Yemen War, Factory of Terror & American Bribery

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by Abby Martin, Media Roots.org: 

Saudi Arabia’s American backed war in Yemen continues, yet it is massively failing to achieve its stated objectives.

The Houthis continue to advance in the region, and the instability is causing Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to gain more ground.

Bombing civilians in the poorest country in the Arab World is only exacerbating the crisis. Before the bombing campaign even started, two thirds of Yemen’s population was already in need of aid, and almost half food insecure.

Since the assault started on March 26, more than 1,000 people have been killed, half of which are civilians, according to the United Nations. At least 115 of the victims have been children, according to UNICEF.

Despite the recent collaborative wave of aggression, the US government has already been carrying out covert operations in Yemen for over a decade. Many have pointed out that the ongoing destabilization of Yemen is a direct result of US’ drone bombing there since the advent of the War on Terror.

Director of the Institute for Gulf Affairs, Ali Al-Ahmed, talks to Media Roots Radio about the American backed war in Yemen and unyielding partnership between the two countries; the Saudi export of terrorism and ultra orthodox Wahhabism; and the political bribery on behalf of Gulf States to maintain a culture of silence.

After the death of King Abdullah, Ali came on Breaking the Set to discuss the oppressive Saudi Arabian monarchy and dissect why the corporate media covered him as a great reformer.

King Abdullah’s Saudi Arabia: Slavery, Terror & Women as Property

In the past four months, Saudi Arabia has already beheaded 71 people. Amnesty International has called the upswell in executions a “macabre spike”, having already ranked the country among the top three executioners in the world in 2014.

Last year, I gave an extensive outline of the country’s extensive human rights record and repressive theocracy by discussing the open discrimination against women, public executions for petty crimes and harsh sentencing for government critics.

The toxifying partnership between the US and Saudi Arabia exemplifies the utter hypocrisy of the War on Terror, and the faster it’s exposed as the fraud it is, the faster we can galvanize to stop it.


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