Monsanto Video Revolt: NO GMO

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from TheCosmicCollective: 

Kwazulu Natal’s Monsanto Video Revolt Entry – South African Musicians Uniting for a GMO free World.

What started out as just a thought in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, exactly one month before the Global March against Monsanto, succeeded in bringing together an extremely diverse blend of World Class artists, musicians and producers, who have collectively created a powerful message intended towards helping to raise awareness of the nature of the cataclysmic tipping point of ecological disaster, disease, and death that is being created by Monsanto and similar Biotech giants.

Emma Kelly, Shamanzi (David Tomsu)-Flute & PanPipes, Steve Fataar- Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Menzi Maseko-Vocals, Estelle Kokot-Vocals, Kianja-Vocals, Drumshack Jon-Djembe, Natalie Hadlow-Vocals, Blaq Q Sidewayz-Vocals, Shante Bekwa (Meditators) -Vocals, Wendy Oldfield-Vocals, Hezron Chetty-Violin, Shomon-Vocals, Dalisoo-Vocals, Sibahle-Vocals, Poppy Seed-Vocals, Lauren Hofmeyr-Voice, Ant Cawthorn-Blazeby- Violin, Faca Kulu-Vocals, Lu Dlamini-Vocals, Meri Kenaz-Vocals, Sara JacksonRainstick, The Children – Voices of the Future.

Much appreciation to everyone who contributed to this project!
Produced by Paul Hussey @ Studio 101, Mastered by Neil Snyman @ Big Ears Studio
Durban March against Monsanto filmed by Megan Steyn,
Bluefire Productions –…
Visuals edited by Urban Shaman & Earthdance Kzn
Images – The Imagician, Clinton van der Nest’s Psychedelic, Abstract and Fractal Art, Mugwort Designs and many more.
Many thanks to Daimon Findlay from Liquid Mountain Studios for recording Wendy OldField & Natalie Hadlow & Jade Cosmos for Shamanzi’s recording.
Project Managed by Emn8 & Cosmic Collective
Huge thanks and respect to Earthlife eThekwini, Natural News, The Health Ranger, March against Monsanto and the many other initiatives that are continuously & tirelessly researching and shedding light on this subject and spreading the word. Without people like them a lot of people would remain ignorant of such matters.

Respect to all those who marched and to those who still will – please join the Global Boycott against Monsanto and the next Global March against Monsanto
24TH MAY 2014 – EVERYWHERE!!!……
Emma Kelly –