EU Document Reveals Envisaged Libya Deployment About Oil and Russia, Not Refugees

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A classified EU document obtained by Guardian suggests a ground troops contingent would be needed to ostensibly battle Libya smugglers

from Russia Insider.com: 

The article originally appeared atGerman Economic News. Translated for RI by Ricky Twisdale

A classified EU document reveals that the planned NATO deployment in Libya clearly serves the purposes of an invasion. The EU also accepts that civilians could be killed during the action. Under the leadership of the US government the war is to become an instrument of European politics. The deployment has to do with the control over oil drilling in North Africa.

In order to stop the wave of refugees a military deployment with ground troops is apparently planned. Included are secret services surveillance and reconnaissance, logistical support units, patrol units, ships, seaplanes; air attacks, on land and from the sea, including special forces. NATO would therefore be able to intervene as soon as EU military units from air, land and sea were attacked.

Due to their exclusively military components the plans don’t sound like a genuine plan to deal with the refugee problem with more humane means. A classified EU document raises suspicion that under the pretext of defense against refugees a geo-political goal is being pursued. The USA and EU appear to be trying to become players in Libya without much public resistance, so that they can bring the oil-drilling disrupted by tribal warfare under their control.

The country has practically disintegrated since the air strikes against the dictator Gaddafi initiated by the USA. Oil production has halted since then. Lately Egypt has tried to take a role in Libyan production. Egypt plays a somewhat non-transparent role: the military-installed government cooperates with the Americans as well as the Russians.

With the deployment in Libya the EU is offering itself the chance to reduce energy dependence on Russia. This is one of the most important strategic goals of the Americans, which is why the conflict in Ukraine has been built up into a new cold war. The incredible seriousness with which the refugee problem is portrayed politically could serve the purpose of building the support of the population for military intervention. Recently German interior minister Thomas de Maizière said that a million people were waiting to cross from North Africa to Europe. The minister did not provide verifiable proof for this claim.

On Monday the EU high commissioner Federica Mogherini introduced a motion at the UN according to which military action would be initiated against Libya in order to bring a halt to the influx of immigrants across the Mediterranean Sea. This would however require a “robust mandate” from the UN.

The British newspaper Guardian obtained the 19-page classified document, which was introduced at the UN. It suggests that ground troops might be necessary to destroy the ships, bases, and fuel depots of the smugglers.

The Guardian states further that, “a presence on the ground could be planned, if this is agreed with the current authorities. The action will require a large amount of air, sea, and land-based resources. Included are secret services surveillance and reconnaissance, logistical support units, patrol units (both air and sea), ships, and seaplanes with the goal of destruction from the air, on land and by sea, including special forces.”

It is assumed that secret NATO reconnaissance flights with drones are already being carried out in order to analyze positions.

The document might have been closely coordinated with NATO. For the EU does not possess an army and cannot provide the capabilities demanded by the document without far-reaching coordination with NATO. The EU and NATO have strengthened their close cooperation in Turkey. On the evening after the meeting in which the the strategy in Africa was discussed, several EU foreign ministers, Mogherini and the military leadership of NATO sang the song “We are the World” together on a public stage.

Senior diplomats and high-ranking Brussels officials have claimed officially that there will be no “ground troops” in Libya. The high representative for foreign affairs Federica Mogherini repeated this position on Wednesday, according to the Guardian. “Under no circumstances are we planning a military intervention in Libya,” stated Mogherini.

These statements however are contingent on the fact that the EU countries first need to discuss and decide on the plan introduced at the UN, which includes the use of ground troops. A joint meeting of EU foreign and defense ministers will take place next Monday, followed by another meeting of EU defense ministers on Tuesday. The EU strategy paper is supposed to receive official blessing at the EU summit in June.

In the meantime Mogherini seems confident of obtaining a quick UN resolution for action against the smugglers. She has however made clear, that in case no UN mandate is forthcoming, the EU will nevertheless conduct military operations outside of Libyan territorial waters and airspace.

But according to the Guardian, the EU strategy paper makes clear that military ground operations in Libya are needed and cannot be excluded. These actions could include those “against smuggler ships along the coast, in port or at anchor before they are used.”

In the document it is conceded that during the “campaign” innocent people could be killed: “The operations against the smugglers in the presence of migrants carries a high risk of collateral damage, including loss of life.”

The EU strategy paper also contains warnings about “militias and terrorists” as dangers to EU armed forces. Should these in turn be attacked, NATO would be called upon to protect its members — in this case the EU armed forces.

Observers doubt that the planned military action would be successful: in the 2011 military action NATO already failed in its attempt to secure the oil fields in Libya. Instead the country emerged as a “failed state.”

From Russia Insider.com