Dutch Justice Minister Preparing Public For The MH17 Cover Up

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from Deep Resource: 

The Dutch justice minister Ard van der Steur is very skeptical about the possibility of bringing the true culprits behind the MH17 tragedy to justice. He said this in the East-Ukrainian town of Charkov. According to van der Steur:

…no doubt, finding the true culprits will be much more difficult than we all hope. And it will lead to disappointment, because everybody, including me, thinks that it [bringing perps to justice] should happen within months after publishing of the reports. But that is not the way it will happen, because the matter is far too complex.

Editor: right, that’s official then. The minister is preparing us for the final cover up. We have our suspicion that the Ukrainian government will not use its veto right to block this decision. And also the US will not further push to get the damned thing solved. And der Spiegel and Bellingcat will complain that Putin is being let of the hook too easily. 122 ton repatriated gold: the price of silence.

[geenstijl.nl] – Berechting daders MH17 erg lastig

I am getting away with it. Mazzel tov!
US oligarchs covering up for Ukrainian oligarch blunder.

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