The US War with ISIL and Israel Begins

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by Gordon Duff, NEO.org:

There is a real and active military alliance between the US and Iran, one denied by both but real, functional and as seen in Tikrit, highly effective. All the while, stories of American threats against Iran are bolstering Obama and Rouhani, with the controlled press stupidly playing the “dog” to the “handler.”

While Iranians are fighting and dying as allies of the United States against the Islamic State, an organization closely allied with Obama’s domestic enemies, Israel’s Likudists and the Saudi Royal family, the state of Israel has become, to top government and military officials and many millions of everyday Americans, “the evil empire.”

Whether Israel is acknowledged for its vast support of ISIS, admittedly “humanitarian” but much more, supplying the bulwark of the Islamic State’s recruits along with logistics and intelligence, its failure to act or even speak out against the atrocities against Christians across the Middle East has labeled them to all.

Israel is now clearly involved in a shooting war against the United States


The newspapers in the US carried stories, tied to a high level leak, that the United States carefully coordinated the attack on Tikrit, a city long held by ISIS, their official “home base” prior to taking Mosul.

Last week, when stories were released about US direct air support for Iranian led militias and actual units of the Iranian Al Quds Brigade, serving in Iraq against ISIS, denials were issued. Following this we were told that the White House asked Iraq to pull back Iranian led militias and to take Tikrit with Iraqi army forces alone.

Now we hear a much different story, not just of Iran and Shia led militias playing a vital role in the taking of this important target but that coordination between the US and Iran was much more thorough than any were told.

This is the story Americans awoke to in their hometown papers:

“Washington – In the battle to retake Saddam Hussein’s hometown, Tikrit, from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the United States and Iran found a template for fighting the Sunni militancy in other parts of Iraq: US airstrikes and Iranian-backed ground assaults, with the Iraqi military serving as the go-between for two global adversaries that do not want to acknowledge that they are working together.

The template, US officials said, could apply in particular to the looming battle to retake Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city.”

To some this story will pass quietly, to others, however, it is a bombshell. It serves the purpose of gutting America’s Israel lobby like a scalpel. It cuts deep but with care as well, cutting away the “rotted tissue” left behind by Netanyahu’s suicidal confrontation with Obama.

You see, America has a warm place it its heart for those who fight and die for causes and the war against the Islamic State is the only cause most Americans have been united on since World War 2. In the process, Israel is “kicked to the curb,” the memory of hundreds of mutilated Gaza children fresh in the minds of all.

Domestic Politics

This is another big win for Obama. The nuclear settlement, lauded around the world as a triumph, is being attacked at home by an opposition increasingly appearing as corrupt and extremist. Every word, every criticism brings back memories of American unilateralism and refreshes the memories of 9/11.

To the uninitiated, 9/11 is a collage of increasingly fantastic tales, 19 dead hijackers, 7 of whom are not only living but involved in litigation against the US. Israel had hoped ISIS, clearly the stepchild of the Mossad and rogue CIA elements, that and the active and passive support of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, would push 9/11 and the naked aggression of the Bush era into the fog of remote memory. It was not to be so.

For those who laud the Iran settlement as an end to Iran’s move toward nuclear weapons, there are even more who know that not only have American intelligence estimates for years told of a peaceful Iranian nuclear program, but have in fact, also stated that claims of a weapons program were fraudulent. Worse still is the settlement itself. Its purpose is to prevent Iran from “beginning” a nuclear program, one Netanyahu has claimed for decades now was only “one year from a nuclear weapon.”

The current settlement is an admission that Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapons program whatsoever. This fact can only be kept from the public for so long. Two decades of rhetoric, of threats, billions spent, all reeks of fraud or insanity. Boeing had begun a program some years ago to build a fleet of 747 aircraft with massive chemical lasers to shoot down Iranian nuclear ICBMS.

Billions were spent. Imagine a dozen or more massive aircraft plying the border of Iranian airspace, two dozen tons of explosive chemical fuel, part of a “Rube Goldberg” defense system, a monstrosity of bad science, fraudulent intelligence and outright insanity.

When the Department of Defense scrapped the program, the prototypes were sent to Israel. They used the lasers in attacks on Gaza, turning the soil in a United Nations refugee compound to glass, vaporizing dozens of victims.


There is another reason to keep close to Iran. Iranian oil entering the market can exacerbate the erosion in petroleum pricing. There are several factors not generally looked at here. The US always knew its oil production through fracking was both dangerous and short lived. The US suffered full economic collapse in 2008 and anything that would bring jobs, even at the expense of poisoning America’s aquifer and laying millions of acres of valuable farm land waste, was jumped at.

The dangerous dance between Israel and Iran, with both commercially complicit, Israel in manipulating the oil futures market and Iran in maintaining seeming belligerence to bolster oil prices as a hedge against crippling sanctions, has come to an end. With it, dies fracking, North Sea oil and, regrettably, the millions of hybrid and fuel cell vehicles that would have been quickly brought to market.

To some, the direct ties between global warming denialism and manipulation of oil futures, the “filthy coal” industry and the “nuclear time-bomb” power cartel has been difficult to fathom though a child could follow the flow of shekels.

What will be increasingly visible, as time goes on, is the dark “secondary” level of deceit, not just Israel and ISIS but the dark underground life on the Middle East that few know, drugs, human trafficking and how thoroughly Israel has infiltrated not just the Palestinian camps and organizations but why they have done so.

The curious ties between Hamas and ISIS are now becoming a major factor in the war on the Islamic State inside both Syria and Lebanon. Soon we will have to examine what the Saudi coffers and their secret brotherhood with Israel’s Likudists has wrought.

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