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by Joseph P Farrell, Giza Death 

Yes you read that correctly… five large phased antenna arrays, each larger than HAARP from the sounds of it, are to be built in Norway, at least, that’s according to Dutchsinise:

FIVE NEW HAARP type arrays being built! Norway Shutting down FM Radio — THE REAL REASON why

Now, this article was shared by so mahy of you that I have to comment on it, though I normally do not refer to this particular source in my blogs. But in this case, the story, I think, merits mention and some discussion. Firstly, let it be stated for the record that in the limited amount of time I have in doing these blogs, my ability to track down independent sources for stories such as this is virtually nil. On this story, I did attempt to make some quick searches to see if any other sources were reporting the story. A search under “Five New HAARP Arrays” did lead to other sources, all of them more or less of the same sort, and using the same video. This said, I will let the reader guage how heavily, or lightly, the story should be weighted and credited.

Secondly, that said, suppose for a moment and for the sake of argument that the story is true. Personally, I have no doubts that it is true, but again, on this one, given the sources, one must make up one’s own mind. That said, given for the sake of argument that the story is true, what might be the purpose be for the European Union to be doing so? Europe is, of course, the home of the largest machine ever built by mankind, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland.One wonders if there might be a connection between the two, and a little reflection will disclose that there might indeed be. But that’s a subject for another time and place. Right now, we remain focused on these five new arrays. As the Dutchsinise article avers, this will be like a rock band at an outdoor concert versus  a single guitar being picked on a home amplifier, or, to put the analogy in my terms, a single manual four rank pipe organ versus a five manual seventy rank pipe organ. The former could not move more air than a vacuum cleaner, and the latter could move more air than a 747. One single field of phased array antennae can now be coordinated with several other such arrays, creating effects much more magnified than the single HAARP or EISCAT systems.

The question is, why would the EU be doing this? One purpose stated in the various articles is both a clue, and I suspect, a bit of obfuscation. The clue is that Europe means to become the master of such technologies and research, with the clear implication that it means to catch up with the USA and surpass it. And this is indeed where it gets interesting. Like many people I have strongly suspected that the ionospheric heater technologies are really a form of weaponry, inclusive of the capability of modifying and manipulating weather systems, and, as the late researcher Jerry Smith suggested, also a means of mind manipulation. And as Dr. Nick Begich and Jean Manning pointed out in their book which began the whole alternative community awareness and discussions of such tehcnologies, the now classic Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, in the original patents for the device, other uses, including forms of missile defense, were included in the package.

Thus, by building such an array, we have another clue that perhaps, just perhaps, the EU means eventually to “bolt” from the American orbit, because it will have acquired a much larger capacity to do these things, that is, to manipulate weather, minds, or missile defense, than anyone else. The size of this array cannot be overemphasized, and in conjunction with other projects in the EU that we have blogged about on this site, it does make one wonder exactly what high tech brinksmanship game is being played here…

… and with whom

See you on the flip side…

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