Letter to the Editor: Wireless, Smart meters and Lloyd’s of London

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Dear Editor:

As of 7 February 2015, Lloyd’s of London, the world-wide insurance giant, will not cover any negative health effects caused by any wireless source, including “smart meters,” with any insurance or re-insurance policy.

Lloyd’s is a major reinsurer so this exclusion is put on virtually all liability insurance policies. Without reinsurance coverage all insurance policies will exclude coverage of health damaging radiation. If suits for cancer, etc. arising from wireless radiation exposure become successful, the floodgates would open. This is a typical insurance industry response to liability exposure from a mass health danger. Lessons were learned from the likes of asbestos and other types of pollution.

Lloyd’s has a long history of insuring the uninsurable: Heidi Klum’s legs for $2 million, SpaceShipOne , Richard Branson’s space plane; Dutch winemaker Ilja Gort, owner of Chateau de la Garde in Bordeaux, France, insured his nose for $8 million through Lloyd’s – you get the idea.

As far-out as some of their insurance policies are, Lloyd’s will not insure health damage caused by the radiation sent and received by “smart meters.” There must be something very bad about that radiation for its side-effects not to be insured by Lloyd’s. The government says the meters are safe. Who is more reliable, Lloyd’s or the government?

Ask your own insurer if they will cover “smart meter” caused health damage and send me their response.

Special Alert for Pennsylvania Senators and Representatives: The reasons for your obstruction of “smart meter” opt-out are exposed here:

In Pennsylvania, House Bills 393, 394, 395, 396, and Senate Bills 816, 817, 818 (, will protect you and your children from “smart meter” radiation by allowing you to opt-out of a $300 digital meter, letting you keep your free analog meter. I demand passage of these bills immediately. AND TELL PECO AND THE PUC: NO OPT-OUT, NO INCREASE! Thank you.
Tom McCarey
Berwyn, PA