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Bear with me, folks, because there’s method in my madness(well, maybe just a little). The topic? Geoengineering, or, to give it perhaps more accurate names, terraforming, planetary ecosystems design, or what have you.

Now, before we get to the what of the subject, let me explain the why. As most regular readers here are aware, I get a daily deluge of emails from people all sharing various articles that they have found interesting. I do my best to stay abreast of these, I do scan through all of them quickly, and many of them, slowly and with more deliberate attention. I try to sort and archive these for possible interest or commentary. And on occasion, such as here, something very interesting often occurs, namely, a few people, presumably strangers to each other, widely separated by physical location and even, in some cases, by habits of mind, all tend to concentrate on one particular subject area. I have to admit, I find this phenomenon fascinating, and when it occurs, I tend to sit up and take notice, and more often than not, blog about what has caught everyone’s “spontaneous” interest.

Such is the case now with the topic at hand: geoengineering, terraforming, planetary ecosystems design, or whatever you wish to call it. Many of you shared the following article with me:

Geoengineering Is Being Pushed By Politicians and Scientists … But It May Do MORE HARM THAN GOOD

We’re all famliar with how this started: a few years ago the environmental meme of the moment was “global warming,” and a host of oligarchical schemes were cooked up to make money from the phenomenon, from the Kyoto treaty, carbon emissions taxes, to, now, weather derivatives. Never put it past the inbred nuts that form the high oligarchy to find a way to make money. There was just one teensy weensy problem, the science for global warming just wasn’t there in any form that was not debatable. Indeed, while human existence itself was being blamed for the phenomenon, other planets in the solar system were oddly doing the same thing(i.e., warming up), and thus, clearly, one was dealing with some unknown physics cycle, and not the effect of human activity(at least, that’s today’s version… but wait for part two tomorrow!)

Now of course this required the meme to be changed into the scientifically useless truism of “climate change,” the technobabble oligarchial version of the old truism, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few moments, it’ll change…” Under the absurdly broad and almost universal aegis of “climate change”, almost any momentary trend in the weather can be usefully ascribed to the allegedly deleterious effects of human activity, and calls made for “planetary corrective action.”

Enter geoengineering.

I recall many years ago one of the more ludicrious proposals being bandied about by the oligarchy – it was a Rothschild I believe – was to put lots of dry ice all over the world to cool it down. (Now, for anyone with a second grade understanding of physics [and who isn’t a product of the Amairikunn edgykayshun system, which it appears this particular Rothschild family member might have been a victim of] think about that one for a moment.) Well, now the proposal seems to have undergone a bit of a variation, this time in the hands of PhDs, and as the aricle notes, there was even talk of  damming the Bering Strait, pumping out cold Artic ocean water into the Pacific, thus drawing warm Atlantic ocean water into the Artic, warming it up, melting the ice cap, and dramatically warming the climate of Siberia!

Of course, all of this is, in a sense, highly unscientific and dangerous, and no really rational person – and there are a few in the scientific world – would propose turning all of the inhabited planet Earth into their laboratory for “planetary climate environment engineering.”

What one would need, therefore, is a ready-to-hand laboratory in the neighborhood, one with promise and potential… and that’s where the high octane speculation comes in…

See you on the flip side…


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