Climate Change Weapons and The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science

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The Eco-terrorism of Chemtrails, Electromagnetic Weapons and Bio-engineered Pathogens is the Climate Change to Fear Most.

by Harold Saive, via Veterans

This 1966 NASA Document Reveals Goal of Engineered “Climate Modification”:  “Present and Future Plans of Federal Agencies in Weather-Climate Modification”

hacking-the-climate-change-winners-and-losersRevealed is a network of government agencies in perpetual and secret collaboration and the military to Modify the Global climate. Created by the elitist National Academy of Sciences – decades of an inter-agency culture of secrecy explains why public discussion of covert aerosol Geoengineering (chemtrails) is a taboo topic to be degraded to the CIA status of “conspiracy theory” by a matrix of complicit bureaucrats at every opportunity. This is why the FAA, NOAA, NASA and your local TV “meteorologist” refuse to employ scientific observation when asked to comment on a sky filled with bizarre aircraft spraying that makes no rational sense as typical water vapor contrails.


Science fraud perpetrated inside the Tim Ball Deliberate corruption of Climate scienceIPCC is rampant and easily demonstrated in Prof. Tim Ball’s explosive book: The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science

I can recommend that the content is understandable to most any reasonable person.  A knowledge of climate science is not necessary to understand how the multiple documented breeches of the scientific method have grown to criminal proportions.


climate_mafia-us-agencies-7With the advent of nuclear weapons, access to earth orbit, global aerosol dumps and powerful ionospheric heaters – the control of earth’s climate is now in the hands of The Climate Mafia – a secret society of corrupt government agencies, criminal elite, banksters and autocratic zealots.

Evidence continues to surface that the Apollo Mission never happened but provided a coverup for secret funding of climate weapons to create what is today’s “Climate Change”. (More)

Environmental scientist blasts IPCC “climate consensus” – by Kevin Barrett

“One of them is University of Western Ontario professor AK Dewdney, founder of Scientific Professionals Investigating 9/11, who just came out this evening as a “climate change denier” (ahem). In an exclusive interview with Truth Jihad Radio, Dewdney derided the alleged IPCC consensus and spoke in favor of the alternative theory associated with the research of Henrik Svensmark. Below is Professor Dewdney’s draft of an article on the subject, which he kindly has allowed me to publish here.”

“In a nutshell, here is how the Svensmark theory works: The solar system is, at all times and from all directions, being bathed in a continuing shower of extremely energetic particles called cosmic rays. These result from the explosions of distant stars into novae and supernovae, an ongoing process which, owing to the very large number of such explosions, produces a constant shower. The terminology “cosmic ray” is something of a misnomer that dates back to the earliest research in this area. A particle is a “ray” that has undergone wave-function collapse, a central phenomenon of quantum mechanics.”

Jasper Kirkby mugJasper Kirkby – a PhD scientist at CERN revealed his knowledge of covert climate modification when he explained to an audience of colleagues how jet aircraft are “dumping aerosols” (aka Chemtrails) high in the atmosphere. (VIDEO)

youtube-icon-square-66Aircraft responsible for these aerosol dumps have been cataloged by observers equipped with high-powered camera lenses. The aircraft is this video are painted with corporate airline logos, however it’s not confirmed that passengers were actually aboard during the aerosol spraying events.

Jim Lee - cia-weather-warfare-climate-terrorismThe CIA, Weather Warfare, and Climate Terrorism

THE SECRET SPACE WAR – Covert Climate Engineering

This extensive article posted on 2/22/2015 succeeds in exposing most of what is known about the “real” secret space war that includes covert Climate Engineering.

“As the CIA pretends it does not know what is going on, the world is waiting for the real answer to the question: Who is controlling our weather?

This extensive article is designed for those who really want to know, and hopefully, for the policy makers to take seriously.  I sincerely hope you read this material, verify its validity, and spread it like wildfire.  Our time is short.”  ~ Jim Lee,  Climate Viewer  *** Continue

BOOK REVIEW: Chemtrails, HAARP and The Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth – by Elana Freeland (Amazon)

Published by FERAL HOUSE this book an book-elana-freelandimpressive, high quality paperback.  I’m  impressed with the notes at the bottom of each page and Elana’s writing style explaining technical issues.  There are several pages of high resolution images that add important dimension for the reader who may be new to the topic.   I recommend this important and up-to-date book as a true “gift” to family members and friends as an effective way to persuade them to drop their dumb smart-phones long enough to LOOK UP!    Full article and video interview (continue)

“We are entering a Space Age, but not the kind President Kennedy originally envisioned. This Space Age is replacing resource wars and redefines planet earth as a “battlespace” in accordance with the military doctrine of “Full-Spectrum Dominance.”

This book examines how chemtrails and ionispheric heaters like the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) in Alaska services a full-spectrum dominance. This “Revolution in Military Affairs” needs an atmospheric medium to assure wireless access to the bodies and brains of anyone on Earth—from heat-seeking missiles to a form of mind control.

How sinister are these technologies? Are we being prepared for a “global village” lockdown? The recent release of NSA records have reminded Americans that “eyes in the sky” are tracking us as supercomputers record the phone calls, e-mails, internet posts, and even the brain frequencies of millions.

Elana M. Freeland’s startling book sifts through the confusion surrounding chemtrails-versus-contrails and how extreme weather is being “geo-engineered” to enrich disaster capitalists and intimidate nations.

A deconstruction of Bernard J. Eastlund’s HAARP patent points to other covert agendas, such as a global Smart Grid infrastructure that enables access to every body and brain on Earth, a “Transhumanist” future that erases lines between human and machine, and Nanobiological hybrids armed with microprocessers that infest and harm human bodies.”

In 2014 Professor Fran De Aquino, PhD confirmed HAARP is capable of creating earthquakes, cyclones and atmospheric warming.  (More)

clifford carnicom Institute logoCliff Carnicom is a retired government scientist who published many original technical reports on jet aircraft aerosol emissions. His documentary Aerosol Crimes continues as the most complete examination of the covert aerosol operation to date.

Cliff published a report on The New Biology in January, 2014

This disturbing information involves a new engineered life-form – associated the chemtrails –  that transcends natural plant and animal  boundaries.

Carnicom draws an unmistakable link from “Geoengineering to Bioengineering such that the lines in the sky also contains cross-domain, engineered life-forms responsible for systemic infections of what has been called “Morgellons fibers”.

This finding is so disturbing and exotic that most other activists generally avoid discussing that aspect of the covert aerosol operation, altogether. (More)

Carnicom published an interactive Geoengineering and Climate Change Model in February, 2015.  This innovative program estimates climate change by applying changes in greenhouse gas concentrations while introducing various aerosols into the atmosphere. The resulting data predict consequences to mortality impacts to affected local or global populations.

Carnicom’s earlier publications from 1999 on aerosols, HAARP, Morgellons and contrail science remain valid and available in the online Carnicom Institute website library (More)

Sofia SmallstormSofia Smallstorm Reveals Chemtrails Link to Synthetic Biology – Morgellons
From 9/11 Truth to Chemtrails Truth, Sofia Smallstorm provides another uncomfortable reality that goes far beyond climate modification and lines in the sky. (More)


TED TALKS Presenter – P.W. Singer:PW Singer - Mug-3

“And now we’re using our creativity in a certain direction to build fantastic machines with incredible capabilities. Maybe even one day – an entirey new species.”

Peter Warren Singer is Strategist and Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation, founder of NeoLuddite, a technology advisory firm, the author of multiple award-winning books, and a contributing editor at Popular Science. He has been named by the Smithsonian Institution-National Portrait Gallery as one of the 100 “leading innovators in the nation,” by Defense News as one of the 100 most influential people in defense issues, and by Foreign Policy to their Top 100 Global Thinkers List, of the people whose ideas most influenced the world that year. (More)

Excerpt from Singer’s 2009 TED TALKS.  Complete presentation available HERE



Suspicious 0bserver, Ben Davidson,acknowledges chemtrails and climate engineering play a role in IPCC climate fraud.

Top 6 “Climate Change” Problems


Ben Davidson EU 2014 MugBen Davidson is a Space Weather analyst with an online audience of 200,000 viewers.  Ben’s regular 3 to 4 minute daily updates on solar, earthquake, geophysical and weather activity are widely regarded as unique and highly professional (Complete Bio)


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