Back Off Netanyahu: Russia to Produce Nuclear Fuel in Iran

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from 21st Century Wire.com

If Netanyahu’s wild ‘Axis of Evil’ style rhetoric is allowed to be translated into policy, it could mean for incredibly dangerous and thermonuclear consequences due to this new deal.

Last year, Russia agreed to build eight new nuclear power plants in Iran, and now the Russians are going to work to produce nuclear fuel in Iranian territory. Four of the new plants are planned to be built at the Bushehr site, while the other four will be constructed elsewhere.

Moscow constructed the first plant at the Bushehr site, which reached its maximum power capacity a few years back in 2012. Nuclear power is necessary to be considered a developed country, as it generates immense amounts of power, is low cost once established and incredibly reliable; unlike ‘green’ forms of energy – such as wind and solar power.

We are still waiting to be shown any solid evidence that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons, particularly as the CIA recently admitted to planting evidence to those ends. The irony behind Russia’s deals with Iran is that they have been enabled by neoliberal globalization, which the West, who now spends its time complaining about Iran, promoted and established.

Russia’s involvement with Iran’s nuclear program should serve as a major warning to Netanyahu and Western warhawks to back off with their aggressive stance towards the Iranians. Russia will not take kindly to its economic interests being targeted, with such a move having the potential to start World War Three.

Netanyahu’s speech to the American Congress yesterday was nothing less than the case for war with Iran and absolutely crazy when taking account of these geopolitical realities.

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