American Stew: Separating the Bacon from the Beans in the Middle East

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by Katherine Frisk, The Phaser.com:
When ISIL ran rampant across Iraq and Syria in Toyota 4×4’s, chopping off heads, crucifying people and wiping out whole villages in mass executions as they bumped along the desert roads, Obama said: “We have no policy.” Or words to that effect.

Pskai did a good rendition of looking totally flummoxed and not knowing what was really going on, predictably blank faced with the odd hand movement to the fringe to keep it in place, until eventually the pot boiled over, even in the MSM, that these murderers were funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, trained in Jordan by the US and assisted on the Golan Heights by Israel. No wonder Obama “had no policy.” Or should we say recipe. This is a dogs breakfast of a stew.

Seems the problem is that “American policy”comes in two varieties, the bacon and the beans, which makes it hard for any journalist or reporter to actually get a grip on what is going on.

As far as I can discern, the bacon part is the Pentagon. They are the guys supporting Iraq against ISIL. On the other hand there are the beans, these are private contractors, those Blackwater types along with the CIA, a quasi Nazi organisation where George Bush Senior, junior, McCain, Adelson and the gang have had major influence, along with their B Buddies in Saudi Arabia such as Badar Bush, he who told Putin that he controls the Chechen “terrorists”and could ensure a safe Sochi Olympics providing Putin stops supporting Assad. Putin continues to support Assad and much to Bandars disappointment Sochi went off fine, without the kind of bang Bandar would have liked!

Now we have the civil war in Yemen and the Iran Nuclear negotiations going on at the same time. How auspicious! Clearly this messy stew is starting to separate, between those who want the sanctions against Iran lifted and progress towards a peaceful and economically sound Middle East and those who want to continue aggression against Iran, wipe it off the map along with Bibi’s bomb, as well as taking complete control of Iraq and Syria in some kind of Sunni/Wahabbi/Caliphate.

Beans have a rather interesting effect on the body as we know, and as I watch this whole messy stew broil, it appears to me that the beans are blowing themselves off by the day. One day they will explode in their own stew so to speak.

I am betting my money on the bacon. How about you?

Oh, and here is a really great recipe from Good Housekeeping for Bacon and Bean Stew.