WW3 WATCH: US Military Hardware Roll Through Russian City

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by  Joost Niemöller, via De Nieuwe Realist

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On the video above you can see a long column of army vehicles, including tanks and armored cars. It is, according to the caption, yesterday filmed in Estonia, in the border town of Narva. That city is located on a reservoir that provides St. Petersburg power.

What is striking about these images is that it is done openly. Some vehicles have seen American flags. Is being driven by a city. It can be filmed by everyone. It is a sign of military superiority. You can imagine how this is experienced by Putin, so close to his former power base of St. Petersburg. And so it is intended.

 This may be part of a major NATO exercise to be held in the area. The Netherlands also doing it with.  Of course you can take anywhere NATO exercises. But why specifically in Estonia? And why do so right away with American flags along the line? And why now, with the resurgence of war in Ukraine?

NATO direction is warned that Putin in the Baltics a destabilizing influence was going to have, and that the cold war is increasingly becoming a hot war is likely to be there.

The government in Estonia has been doing for some time panicky tensions on the border with Russia. The tensions between Estonia and Russia are not on today yesterday. The large Russian minority in Estonia Estonian master must, otherwise they may not vote. Between thanks to EU support has become prosperous Estonia and Russia, there are tensions.

Russia sees the to the nearby St. Petersburg NATO point of the Baltic states as a threat.The Russians have not forgotten how easy it is to invade across this flat area, as well as via Ukraine, and Belarus. Napoleon and Hitler took his living there.

On the part of Estonia from there of course is understandable anger at the Soviet time.The large Russian minority with its limited human rights is a constant source of resentment and unrest. (PDF)

Forms here a new battle focus on the growing US-Russian tensions? Just where we are now waiting for.

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