Oscar Night Special: 21st WIRE ‘Mop-Up’ Awards

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from 21st Century Wire:

Well, it’s here again – the biggest camp party of the year – the Oscars. Bad selfies, worse jokes, jars of cocaine back stage, too many silly outfits – all punctuated by some caddy speeches. We decided to extend the awards out of film and into the real-life psy-op psycho dramas we see in the news DAILY.

Just to keep with the  theme we have included some films in this year’s award ceremony, but overwhelmingly, the biggest actors of our time are working in politics today. The other problem with giving Hollywood all of the award slots is that they now have some real competition, thanks to the intelligence agencies. ISIS has pretty much forced its way into the media space this year, and therefore, must be acknowledged for its sheer propaganda mastery, even though they are producing some of the worst extremist films seen since Birth of a Nation and the TV’s torture fest, ’24′. Although we joke and jibe at some of these surreal performances, these awards also have very serious undertones (just check the hyperlink references to see where the evidence is for yourself). Yes, we poke fun at ISIS actors because they are just that – actors, but we also point out that the overwhelming majority of these ‘terror videos’ are fake and do not depict real murders or terrorist events to the camera.

Leni Riefenstahl Award for Best Propaganda Film – Winner: American Sniper1-American-SniperOriginally, this award was named after Albert Speer (won by Zero Dark Thirty in 2013), but after much protesting from some very angry old men living in Bariloche, Argentina, we’ve named it after the notorious female Third Reich propaganda filmmaker. Hands down, this award goes to the film American Sniper, released by Warner Brothers, is a characterization of the recently deceased Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle who is played by Bradley Cooper.  Aside from the fact that nearly every key scene in this film was made-up (never happened), the film was released at the very same time as the Paris Terrorist Attacks, a possible intervention in Yemen, and while the US is simultaneously softening the ground for a return of US troops to Iraq. America’s premiere war propagandist, Wolf Blitzer, was on the case last week waxing on about, ‘US troops joining the fight against ISIS in a campaign to recapture Iraq’s second largest city [Mosul].” On top of this, the Oscars have been timed with the trial of Chris Kyle killer Eddie Ray Routh (he has three names, which means that he will go down in history as a patsy) for the double murder carried out at Rough Creek Lodge, Texas on February 2, 2013. The circumstances surrounding Kyle’s and Chad Littlefield’s death are suspicious to say the least and not surprisingly, the film doesn’t delve into this at all. Routh’s trial is ongoing and will no doubt attract more national media attention because of the film’s success.

Worst Onscreen Performance by a Virtual Terrorist Actor – Winner:  Jihadi John 

1-Jihadi-JohnThe voting on this one was a tie between German rap artist ‘Deso Dogg’ aka Denis Cuspert and London’s ‘Jihadi John’ aka British rapper Abdel Bary (see also, winner of most menacing outfit below). Deso Dogg once toured with rapper DMX, also trading in a presumably successful music career for prop knives and a hooded black robe – he has a long wrap sheet with minor offenses prior to ‘beheading’ folks in a desert. We’ve been told by MEMRI that he was injured while mucking it up in Syria and now has a role in the art department with Al Hayat Media Center. Based on the sheer amount of appearances, however, the award goes to John.Best ‘Fake Video’ Production (but real enough to scare America back into another war) – Winner: Al Hayat Media Center

Al-HayattThis award goes to ISIS media arm Al Hayat Media Center. The ISIS media arm Al Hayat Media Center, has a large budget for props, fake blood, high-end camera equipment, producing a professionally done film with heavy post production and animation, subliminally arresting the viewer with deceptive propaganda. Laughably, each new ISIS video has proven to be a fake, with mainstream media outlets like Fox & CNN admitting as much over the past month. However, this hasn’t stopped Pentagon war engineers from pursuing a war on false pretenses – it’s Iraq 2003 all over again!

Best Film and Propaganda Distribution Award Winner:  SITE

Most followers of the peculiar ISIS movie genre will acknowledge that the real power-house behind the terror videos is the Washington DC-based SITE Intelligence Group. Run by Israel-American intelligence operative Rita Katz (photo, left), and Josh Devon founded ‘Search for International Terrorist Entities (SITE) Institute’, always gets the exclusive scoop on every major terror event, before feeding it to the media. We’ve covered them ad nauseamhere at 21WIRE, as the intelligence group is directly  linked to both the CIA and Israeli intelligence. In 2006, SITE discussed how they procure various terror plots and terror videos, including the fake Bin Laden video lapped-up by the media, by joining message boards, as reported in a New Yorker article entitled, “Private Jihad: How Rita Katz got into the spying business. Who knows, without SITE to help distribute the terror, then probably would be no terrorism.

Best Costume in a Phony YouTube Terror Video – Winner: Jihadi John

Jihadi-John-111This award could also be called the most ‘menacing ninja outfit’ award, which has to go to ‘Jihadi John‘ aka L Jinny, aka Abu Kalashnikov, aka John the Beatle, aka Abdel Bary. No stranger to show business, Bary’s body of work includes a once flourishing rap career that had already landed him a spot on BBC1, with his lyrics strangely allowed to be used over top the Grammy award winning band XX’s song dubbed ‘Intro Instrumental’. Bary was selling copies of the seemingly pilfered track prior to swapping his cushy affluent lifestyle for a less certain more violent future, as the main ‘Terror Presenter’ seen in a host of ISIS videos until recently. It has been stated that Bary’s father, was also an extremist named Adel Abdul Bary, and was alleged to be one of Osama Bin Laden’s closest lieutenants (according to US authorities, who are normally super correct about this sort of intelligence).

Best ‘Casting Couch’ Award  – Winner: John McCain

john-mccain-mad-styleThis award goes to US Senator John McCain, who has become quite a polarizing figure in politics and when he’s not supporting the Constitution in his free time, he’s been seen meeting with and auditioning militants and radicals referred to as “moderately violent” rebels in Syria aka ‘McCain’s Army’, and also with aspiring upstart Nazis in Kiev. John is always ready and willing to pimp himself out when it comes to a neoconservative agenda – no matter if he has to slum it with kidnappers and killers! John receives the ‘Casting Couch’ award because his political play time sees him doing whatever it takes to convince the American public about an non-existent threat. It is a role he relishes,especially since his Presidential aspirations purposely hit the toilet bowel in ’08. Special Note: US Secretary of State John Kerry has been desperately vying for this role – unfortunately for him his shameful performance during the Syria ‘chemical weapons’ fiasco that wasn’t, has landed him a role as a background fluffer in Kiev (pining for more weapons to the Ukraine) until further notice.

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