Incompetence and death on the Debaltsevo retreat

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by Jim Dean, via Veterans Today.com:

The headline video is the morning after the militia special ops people surprised the small checkpoint garrison here. The houses are off the road bit, a dike road, a difficult angle of fire having to shoot at passing armor .

You will see that despite the Ukies not having anyone in the garrison make their morning wake up call, or hourly check in, no alert seems to have gone out to warn travelers, indicating that the Ukie GHC did not want the troops south of the Loginovo block to know, so those who wandered into this position only to die were some of the first sacrificed to hide what was happening. Many more would follow.

Debaltsevo_map report_004


[Jim Deam- Editor’s note:  VT gets to take another victory lap on our Debaltsevo coverage. I just sent a 1650-word article in to NEO yesterday, a post-Debaltsevo combat tactics analysis, so it will take a few days to get posted before I can bring it over to VT.

But the angels smiled on me today. It is a rare fluke to have a Ukie battalion Cmdr. confirm all the details of what you just wrote. But it is even better when it is the day after. A quick synopsis:

He tells the classic story of a totally disconnected general staff from the troops on the ground, and gives one example where he described how they controlled two pairs of houses on the NE flank, and GHC interpreted that as meaning they controlled the whole area. Says the Col. “We didn’t control SH&t!!”

At the end, they were ordered to evacuate up three roads that were blocked by the militias with artillery zeroed in on them — rather than leaving the wounded behind to be surrendered and soon released in a month under the Minsk2 timetable.

Ukies killed on the retreat highway

They were ordered to be taken through the artillery gauntlet with the goal of pumping up the numbers withdrawn so Porky could claim a successful withdrawal.

Most ended up dead, with truckloads of wounded being added to the KIA list… lives just thrown away for nothing.

Officers like this I have been referring to as the only hope we have of seeing a counter coup to throw the Kiev bums out, but it seems there are not enough of them to do it. The general staff senses they would be thrown out with the political trash, also.

Use the pause button to stop and catch the transcript, as some of it is only up a few seconds, not long enough to grasp. The map resolution is blown out with too much light so you cannot see the details, just the northern side of Debaltsevo.

After the colonel’s briefing, below I have an earlier video of this retreat action gotten when I did not have the context on it, but learned yesterday it describes the slaughter of this action.

So we have a Ukie colonel not only devastating Poroshenko’s claim of no army being surrounded, but basically charging the general staff with criminal negligence. People deserve to be shot for incompetence on this scale, and have throughout all history, and these yoyos deserve to join themJim W. Dean ]

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