Twitter Calling For Strong Net Neutrality Measures From FCC

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from 21st Century Wire.com

Surprisingly, one of the main digital cartel members, Twitter, has weighed-in strongly – and very publicly, in favor of net neutrality.

What’s interesting is how the Right-wing of US politics and media has turned Net Neutrality into a partisan issue – when it clearly should not be. Sadly, partisan media coverage has followed suit. FOX News, Glenn Beck and others right-wing talk radio shows are spinning the concept of net neutrality as a communist vs capitalist, or “Obama” argument, but it fairly obvious that mega corporations seeking to monopolize the information super-highway. Most Big Corporations are definitely looking to establish a command-and-control position over the entire internet – which will allow big government and big business to eventually squeeze-out any small or emerging players by tilting the playing field in favor of economies (and profits) of scale – and keeping indie content producers and users from attaining critical mass by throttling bandwith.

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