Aussie Gone Mad & Harry Shearer Voice REMOVED from Simpsons’ – ‘utterly ridiculous’

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from Sky News Australia:

Aussie Gone Mad & Harry Shearer’s removal from Simpsons’ role ‘utterly ridiculous’


Sky News contributor Liz Storer says it is “utterly ridiculous” white actor Harry Shearer got removed from voicing African American character Dr Hibbert on The Simpsons after 31 years in the role. “They’re literally firing a white guy who has voiced this character for over 30 years … let’s face it that’s’ why he no longer has this role,” she told Sky News host Chris Kenny. Ms Storer said the voice actor for Bart Simpson was a woman and had not been removed. She said, “Hollywood is turning itself inside out” to cast actors of colour in historical roles, to viewer support. “It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s white people being de-platformed it’s fine.”