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“Animals Dirty & Dangerous” Hungary to kill 101k Hens, Pets Next?

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from Ice Age Farmer:

“Animals are Dirty & Dangerous” – Hungary to kill 101k Hens – Pets Next?


Australia announces it will kill a pigeon that travelled 8,000 miles across the Pacific (because COVID!), reinforcing that animals and humans can no longer be allowed to travel freely in the “New Normal.” Hungary is set to cull 101,000 hens, eliminating a chunk of their egg production, after an outbreak of bird flu, just like Lithuania, Russia, UK, France, Germany, Japan… the mass culls are everywhere, and also throw a wrench into the gears of meat import/export market. Christian covers the latest developments in the “animals are dirty and dangerous” narrative that is part of the war on animal agriculture and Agenda 2030.