Major Hotels Have Begun To Fail, Waves Of Loan Defaults Begin

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from Silver Report Uncut:

Major Hotels Have Begun To Fail Along With The Hospitality Sector, The Waves Of Loan Defaults Begin


Everything is beginning to collapse just as we’re hitting the peak of the bond market maturity wall. This means it’s about to get even worse as we’re beginning to see the waves of bankruptcies hitting the retail sector as they have seems a rush of very large names beginning to fail but the Hotel and leisure sector is now seeing even multi-million dollar hotels failing in Manhattan Hotel rooms that used to go for around $500 a night are now hoping to find someone to book a room for $83. The hotel industry has been hit extremely hard so far and judging by the collapse in the CMBX series 9 BBB- which has 17% exposure to the hotel industry some are suggesting that this is the next big short. Defaults are on the rise whether it is the rental car companies, hotels and according to Fitch ratings the energy sector is also in hot water. loan defaults have just reached a 6 years high and used car prices have taken a huge drop due to the fleets of used cars being dumped onto the market and soon if Hertz files bankruptcy their creditors may dump the entire fleet of cars at once which could be the finishing move on car prices. The car companies were already projecting declining sales before any of this came along and the employees were fighting with the automakers over money meaning things were already on the decline.