How Far Will They Follow Orders?

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from TiborasaurusRex:

How Far Will They Follow Orders? ~ Rex Reviews


Every person on earth submits themselves to some form of authority or another. Whether that authority be their own convictions, the will of their boss, the command of their king, or the will of the Creator of the Universe, everyone follows some template of authority. How far will people follow insane and irrational orders from corrupt authorities? Look at history. When mankind puts itself in charge and subjugates itself through political force, man-made religious coercion, or other earthly forms of counterfeit authority, history is an absolute nightmare. When men follow the will of the Creator as outlined in his just Law, they live in prosperity and peace. The United States of America was originaly founded upon these values and principles, but we have lost our way. We will ineviotably experience the consequences of our decisions.

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