Communist California

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from Author Tiffany FitzHenry:

Communist California


As we chart this new territory together one of the big things we have to always be looking at is how did this happen. How did we get here? What were the conditions by which this level of corruption gained control over vital areas of our world, such as our storytelling. Some of these answers became to clear to me when about a month ago I began speaking with a woman named Ellen Lee Zhou who is running for mayor of San Francisco. The information that she shared with me was an absolute enlightenment and truly painted a picture of exactly how Harvey Weinstein could have existed for 30 years, and how and why criminal pedophilia could have gone on in Hollywood for so long. Here’s what the San Francisco Chronicle said about the race back in June: “For all intents and purposes, San Francisco’s 2019 mayoral election ends Tuesday at 5 p.m., with Mayor London Breed the winner by a landslide. As of Friday, 33 people had taken out papers for a possible run, but only two have filed to be on the ballot — Breed and Ellen Lee Zhou, a public health worker and union representative who pulled in 3.8% of the first-choice votes in the June 2018 mayoral race, compared with Breed’s 36.6% first-choice votes.” This is Ellen’s story. I’m moved by her love of her city and our nation and I think you will be too. If you want to reach out to Ellen or help her in any way info is below. If you found this video inspiring and informative, please as always share far and wide.

Find Ellen on Social Media: Website: https://ellenformayor2019.com/index.h… Twitter: https://twitter.com/ellen4sfmayor?lan… YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYYC… Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EllenLeeZhou/




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