Donald Trump Ends Mexico’s Career

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from John Ward:


Donald Trump Ends Mexico’s Career


Honestly? Mexico had a pretty good career run. But it can’t be all sunshine and push-over Iranian assets for the Mexican government – who, after eight years of Barry Obama, ran straight into the rock solid no-no of the GEOTUS – United States President Donald Trump. Contrary to mainstream media reporting – which makes sense – Trump’s “big announcement” had nothing to do with asylum; instead, the American president announced (with ten days’ notice) that 5% tariffs on ALL MEXICAN IMPORTS were imminent. And, as a little something extra, Trump threw in 5% increases every month, to be capped at 25% – which Mexico, with 80% of it’s business coming from the USA, won’t survive to see. Less than 24 hours after the troll-nouncement, current Mexican president AMLO Obrador sent an emergency convoy of professional “Please God No”s to “negotiate” with the Trump administration. …tiene miedo?

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