NASA needs your help… to Land on the Moon!

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from Astro Not:

NASA needs your help… to land on the Moon! 


Guess what, now NASA is asking for help to land astronots on the surface of the moon…
This is from their Facebook page, February 10, 2019:

“As the next major step to return astronauts to the Moon,
we’re asking American companies to study the best approach to landing astronauts on the lunar surface and start the development
as quickly as possible with current and future anticipated technologies. Read more: https://go.nasa.gov/2SMgxv7 ”

This is absolutely ridiculous…the agency that boasts to have put men on the moon 50 years ago needs help now to do it again in the future?

They claim they can land robots on Mars and whatnot, but they cannot land anyone on the moon with their current technology?

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  1. Kerry Bindon

    February 12, 2019 at 8:08 am

    NASA needs to fess up to the 60’s moon landing hoax for starters like the tooth fairy and Santa its an adult fairy story and far beyond present tin can rocketry and our finite bodies capabilities wishful thinking and bloated budgets and musk notwithstanding

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