Cuba – Gitmo – Military Tribunals and the Blood Kiss – Discussion

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from MrCati:

Cuba – Gitmo – Military Tribunals and the Blood Kiss – Discussion


This report discusses how Obama appointees, the CIA, Cuba, Raul Castro, Guantanamo Bay, Gitmo and other related topics come together to show how they are all related to the recent Venezuelan presidency declaration made by Juan Guaido, declaring himself the interim president of Venezuela on 01-23-2019. This in depth discussion will conclude by discussing the increased military activity at Gitmo and how suspected military tribunals and prison barges being sent to Gitmo are there for the purposes of helping with housing and dealing with the thousands of traitors that many think will one day be rounded up and sent to Gitmo to await a military tribunal for their traitorous acts against the people of the United States of America. While I do not think that such activity is for the reasons many suspect, I will discuss what I think is in fact going on that needs discussion and explanation that is different from what most think.

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