Spiritual Warfare

Let’s read from Morals and Dogma!

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from Marty Leeds Live:

Let’s read from Morals and Dogma!



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  1. Deforest

    January 17, 2019 at 2:07 pm

    What about how come high level free masons participated in the great deception? How is it that all presidents were and are free masons and NEVER implemented policies for the good of the people? Explain to me why Pike had tied with Darwinism, kkk… if the free masonry scourge was good? Explain to me why he planned 3 world wars if they had an inch of moral in their brains? Explain to me why free masonry was kicked from Japan and they bombed Nagasaki that was the center of Christianity in the Far East? Explain to me why Marshall P tain wanted to kick out free masonry from France a fiefdom of freemasonry? Explain to me why Friday the 13 is a big day? Louis raided the templars to steal their wealth? Who was behind the Templars…

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