The Latest Male Feminist Craze

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from Sargon of Akkad:


The Latest Male Feminist Craze


Dear male feminists, stop abusing women!

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  1. cloudy

    October 8, 2018 at 9:37 am

    The Semitic Religions ALL pay Lip-Service to Males being Born Of Females but when it comes to “Walking the Talk”, said Lip-Service is merely Yakity-Yak Running Amok. “The Jews” [there is NO such a race-nationality] might pass their lineage via their Women but that is as far as the reality goes. “Christians” [there is NO such thing] might talk great things about “Mother Mary” but NOT when Immaculate-Conception is but some form of Fairytale. As for “Moslems” [there is NO such A Religion when The Religion is Fully Dependent on Its Religiosity], why is there the need to wrap their Women in Complete Darkness. You know, when Womanhood is denied. Moslem Men are as Licentious as ALL Men are, whatever the Belief-System. Why pick on women as the means for justifying The Lack of Innocence?

    When Reality is based on Thought-Processing [TP], that is when Relativity had replaced Reality. When Saviourship is “Fully-Dependent” on Worship, that is NOT Balance but TP’s version of Balance. When The Excuse/Justification for “Worship”/Gross-Femininity is “Saviourship”/Gross-Masculinity. And vice-versa.

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