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from Amazing Polly:

What Is Wrong With People? Qanon Dig Mind Control


Q repeatedly mentioned the war for our minds. In this video I talk about Christine Blasey Ford’s Stanford research into hypnotherapy & the exploration of ego-dystonic states as they relate to Mind Control of the masses. Does this type of research play into the seeming psychosis of a certain segment of our population as they fight to have their 1st and 2nd amendment rights taken away and are calling for an end to due process??

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  1. cloudy

    October 8, 2018 at 9:03 am

    Slavery did not end [Slavery NEVER “ended”, Slavery merely “Went Underground”] because Dem Colonisers were “defeated”, Slavery [seemingly] ended because some of The Colonisers were made aware of their “Trade” and STOPPED trading in Humans. [In fact, the “trafficking” in Humans nowadays, are as big as ever]. Silmilarly, “Women” did not get the vote because The Establishment were made to change their stance, “Women” got “The Vote” because those against Real Femininity were forced to change their stance. And look at the result of Gross-Femininity Running Amok, which means that Real Womanhood never got “The Vote”, Gross-Femininity did.

    When The “Worshipping”/Conditioned are still worshipping “On-High”, this means that Worship-Saviourship is still Running “Amok”/Unhindered. The Real Heart is Real Spirituality whereas Superficial Spirituality is when “Materialism”/The-materialised-Brain is “Running-Amok”/masquerading-as-Spirituality. You know, when love is merely Of-Expectation-Demand.

    There is NO such thing as Superficial-Knowledge pretending to be Real-Knowledge if only because Real-Knowledge is Absolute/Real, the Knowledge derived through Materialism being that of Tangibility/Relativism of The-Material. You know, when it is Who You Know and not What You Know, that matters.

    Like it or not, The “1st-Born” Human is UNABLE to realise Reality no matter how hard the Explanation/”Preaching”/”Moralising” goes. OTOH, those who are aware of “Truth” but are unable to realise their understanding are merely transiting towards their “2nd-Birth” but have yet to be able realise so. Unless the-realisation is real, there is still NO reality. “Truthers” are, of course, aware that, “You May Take A Horse to Water but You Cannot Force said Horse to Drink”. ALL “Thinking-Adults” may know this, but most “Adults” are unable to realise their predicament/”Addiction-to-self-Damage”.

    Like it or not, The Innocents, which are Human-Infants, Animals, & Vegetation, are those who do NOT use Thought-Processing To Control Nature/”their-destiny” and exist within a Spiritual Realm which makes little “Sense” to The ControlFreak-AbandonedNutter. When The Nature is “God-Willing”/Serendipitous, The Desire to Control one’s destiny, that of Control-Abandonment Running Amok, will be lacking. Something The Thought-Processing [TP], be The TP Of Past/”Gross-Feminnity”/Conditionings/”Depression”/Lethargy or Of Future/”Gross-Masculinity”/Egotism/”Aggression”/Activity, will NEVER be able to understand, let alone realise. In fact, not even after Too-Late/”Death”.

    Like it or not, Malevolence is NOT going to, “Speak Against His Own House”/Tell-The-Truth for the simple reason that Malevolence is when Destruction has neither Rhyme nor Reason other than To Destroy. That of Devolution Running Amok.

    Jokers, in the form of Energy-Transformers [ET] pretending to be Energy-Creators, may be Running Amok, but A Moment will arrive when ET will be Permenently Removed for the simple reason that what “they” are doing is “Good-for-Nothing-Real” [GfNR]/Lack-Reality. GfNR like “Kuro-ing”. You know, when Nothing/Darkness/”Gothic-Themes” are Running-Amok. Another “Biggy” is that controlling one’s destiny might seemed real for The Control/”Mental” Freak but in Reality, The Desire for Control is merely Abandonment–in-progress.

    If true [and it is true], how will Ascetism/Ritualism lead to “Freedom” when Ritualism is actually some form of Abandonment? You know, when Ritualism is merely Licentiousness/”Worship” Running Amok? Trying to make sense of this statement? Not even when Reality appears before The Individual ControlFreak-AbandonedNutter. You know, when Nazis imagine that there is such a thing as being Number One.

    There is NO such a thing as Humility emanating from TP-ing. This is because Arrogance is merely when Licentiousness/TP-ing/The-Lacking-of-Innocence is Running Amok. Be conscious and be aware – but how? Why do Dem Krazies ALWAYS need others to “defecate-on”/defile them? You know, when “Martial-Artists” are those who are deeply do-doed into, “One more injustice and I’ll Explode”, sorts-of Frivolity & Nonsense. When Humility is merely Of TP-ing.

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