The Lionel-Roseanne Sessions (Part I)

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from Lionel Nation:

The Lionel-Roseanne Sessions (Part I)


She’s the inimitable, ineffable and colossal televison and comedian icon. Her place in the entertainment pantheon is without question. She’s funny, brash, brave, brilliant, highly enlightened and possessed of a sagacity that’s nonpareil. She’s Roseanne.

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    September 10, 2018 at 10:04 pm

    GREAT INTRO – THESE GUYS ARE BRILLIANT!!!Hahaha..Jew, Mormon,Entertainer!!!
    WE WERE RIGHT – MAKE LUV..etc.Pan handling social justice..Hahahha Viciously Politically Incorrect. WHAT A SCREAM!! Hindsight is sooo CRUEL. THIS IS GUT BUSTING FUNNY…Hahaha. MOCK-TURTLENECK, I’M PISSING MY PANTS…I’D RATHER ROB THAN DO THIS JOB…Hearin ya..Hahaha. Lionel Fatboy, stutterer, serial killer..Hahahha PLEASE RE-POST WITH “NASTY & OFFENSIVE” JOKES IN FULL!! SO HILARIOUS. REAL UNGLOSSED “I AM”. BRILLIANT BOTH!!!

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