New Q: The Setup Before the Fireworks?

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from Lori Colley:

New Q: The Setup Before the Fireworks?


President Trump may be setting up the opposition by identifying Jeff Sessions as an incompetent Attorney General. In recent months, Trump’s salvos have gotten more intense. Complain as he might, his attorney general continues to be AWOL, even for Hillary’s email scandal, the latest revelation being that a copy of every one of her State Department communications was sent to the Chinese. Under any other Attorney General, Hillary would have been prosecuted. This leaves even the most loyal conservative wondering why Jeff Sessions refuses to act. According to a new poll, a majority of Americans back Mueller and Sessions, while the president’s disapproval is at 60 percent. The Democrats, media, and even many on the Right are lining up to defend Sessions against the President. Was this attack on Sessions a big mistake by a failing President–or a brilliant play by a master strategist? We’ll look at the newest Q posts suggesting this will be a very important week!

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