PEDO: The Adventures of Doc and Mharty Became #RickAndMorty

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from Bill Smith:

PEDO: The Adventures of Doc and Mharty Became #RickAndMorty (bought by Adina Pitt)


#JustinRoiland is now trending, and eventually @CartoonNetwork and Anita Pitt will need to address this publically. Megan Fox from PJMEDIA.COM has been reporting on Dan Harmon and crew being picked up for Rick and Morty. We have a MAINSTREAM MEDIA REPORTER FRIEND NOW :). Support Megan on Twitter. SUPPORT: Megan Fox (@MeganFoxWriter) | Twitter

The very latest post from Bill Smith…

#FAKENEWS – Ben Collins from @NBCNews Thinks Qanon IS REAL! (Tom Hanks, Sarah Ashcraft)

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