J. Cole ATM – Music Industry Pedophilia

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from Divine Frequency:

J. Cole ATM – Music Industry Pedophilia


Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency breaks down the music video “ATM” by J. Cole. Watch her reaction as she realizes that the “Boy Love” symbol is on the wall in this video all about medicated children being hypnotized by money and fame. In 2007, Wikileaks released an official document from the FBI which included images of common symbols that pedophiles use to communicate sexual preferences. These symbols show up in this music video that is specifically about children being hypnotized by money while being highly medicated. What is the underlying message that is conveyed through this video? We must always critique the images and messages that are seeded into our minds by main stream media outlets. By making this subconscious process a conscious process, we can take back our minds and decide the world that we wish to actively create, instead of unconsciously being programmed to believe propaganda. Stay vigilant.

Pizzagate is Real:


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