NEW DETAILS: Awan Brothers/Debbie Wasserman Shultz Scandal

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from Judicial Watch:

Tom Fitton Reacts to NEW DETAILS about Awan Brothers/Debbie Wasserman Shultz Cybersecurity Scandal


New reports have emerged that dozens of House Democrats waived the background checks on the #AwanBrothers — the House I.T. aides handling their cybersecurity and with access to their email systems. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton went to Capitol Hill last year to help shine a spotlight on the ongoing #AwanBrothers I.T. scandal in the House of Representatives that the mainstream media — and, sadly, even our Justice Department and much of Congress — are all ignoring. This is a story that involves political corruption, alleged cybersecurity breaches, the potential sharing of private constituent info, possible large-scale fraud, cover-ups, and threats to our national security.

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FBI & DOJ CAUGHT Collaborating with Lois Lerner’s IRS to Prosecute Conservative Groups

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