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Ancient Megaliths That Challenge ‘Official’ History

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Ancient Megaliths That Will Challenge Everything You Know About History


Here we look at astonishing megalithic structures and ancient technology that continues to baffle mainstream archaeologists to this day. Demonstrates that the use of “keystone cuts” with metal clamps poured into them to secure megalithic construction, this was an advanced technology used all over the world. Only power tools could have made the intricate articulation and drill holes found in extremely hard granite and basalt blocks in Bolivia and Peru, and that the megalith builders had to have had advanced methods for moving and stacking gigantic blocks of stone, some weighing over 100 tons. Examines the amazing stonecutting at Puma Punku, a site neighboring the ancient ruins of Tiwanaku near Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.

He looks at whether the so-called “”Inca walls””-found in Cuzco and at other sites such as Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu-were really made by the Incas. The evidence seems to support the idea that they were actually constructed by a far older culture.


200,000 Year Old Ancient Technology That Indicates The History Books Are Wrong

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