Litecoin Starts Its Move… to 1-4 BTC/LTC Ratio!?!

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from RoadtoRoota:

Litecoin Starts Move to 1-4 BTC/LTC Ratio! (Bix Weir)


Litecoin began it’s move after the “big traders” left work on Friday Night…no surprise there but this is gonna be a very, very long run so there’s no reason to panic buy. Take your time and buy some at $300 and then $500 and then $1,000 and then $5,000…you’ve got the entire year to buy!!


How Litecoin Could be Worth $5,000 in 2018

I briefly discuss overall market valuations for Litecoin to reach $5,000 and how it’s completely possible even if Litecoin only grows 1/5th as much as it did in 2017

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