Clinton Email Scandal ‘Worse than everyone expected’

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from Judicial Watch:

JW President Tom Fitton: Clinton Email Scandal ‘Worse than everyone expected’


We know the DOJ under the Obama administration was pro-Hillary and didn’t prosecute her for the Clinton email scandal. Recently, Judicial Watch uncovered more emails from the Clinton State Department that made their way onto Anthony Weiner’s laptop. These emails contained highly-sensitive information and were sent through Hillary Clinton’s secret email server by Huma Abedin.

James Comey knew these documents existed on Weiner’s laptop and did nothing. Meanwhile, the Mueller operation has been rife with conflicts of interest scandals involving Clinton/Trump biases, notably FBI agent Peter Strzok sending anti-Trump texts. Strzok was the same agent who led the Clinton email investigation. Additionally, Andrew McCabe, the number-two man at the FBI, is politically compromised having not recused himself from the Clinton email investigation.