George Knapp, Linda Moulton Howe & Grant Cameron — UFO Disclosure?

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from Earthfiles:

George Knapp & Grant Cameron Part I


Leading off tonight’s program here’s Linda Moulton Howe; Saturday, December 16, 2017, was a historic day and night in the annals of the US government seventy years of covering up the alien presence behind UFOs with strict policies of denials ordered in 1947 by President Harry S. Truman, allegedly in the interest of national security, this new crack in official US government policies of Lies and denials began on Saturday with the New York Times headline article “glowing auras and black money the Pentagon’s mysterious UFO program” That report contained two embedded infrared videos of UFOs from the Defense Department’s advanced aerospace threat identification program. That agency was unknown to most everyone until December 16 2017. The New York Times reported that the DoD’s advanced aerospace threat identification program was brought secretly into being by retired Nevada Democrat Harry Reid who was the US Senate Majority Leader in 2007 that’s when he got 22 million dollars allocated over five years to the Defense Department’s budget to create and operate the DoD program to study the extraordinary technologies moving in Earth’s skies and seen by hundreds of military pilots. The UFO craft in military videos accelerate like nothing ever seen before and traveling at astoundingly fast speeds stop mid-air do 90-degree angle turns brighten and dim and seem to expand in size and then disappear. . . . Tonight is dedicated to KLAS Channel 8 Las Vegas investigative journalist George Knapp. He’s on deck and ready to go – here’s Linda Moulton Howe to start the show. George Knapp welcome it’s a pleasure to have you back at this time in which Saturday, December 16, 2017, was a historic day and night in the annals of the US government’s seventy years of covering up the alien presence behind UFOs with strict policies of denial and you and I and others have been waiting a long time for something that would be official from the Department of Defense. Could you start today on phenomena radio with your own insights about the importance of what happened on Saturday, December 16th? Well I think it’s huge it feels like we’ve turned a corner and the main difference is mainstream media being willing to give this subject a fair shake you know the story has been there for the taking for a long time if anyone wanted to look at it but of course it was easier to ignore it or make fun of it and denigrate those who are involved in it than it was to actually do the work and dig into it. But lo and behold when the New York Times finally decides to go ahead and dig into it they find that it’s a legitimate story and that sort of started a tsunami of coverage that I hope is the start of a trend that lasts. I worry that American news media is sort of like American news consumers that the attention span is that comparable of that of an that and thirty seconds from now that want to move on to something else I hope that’s not the case I am told that the New York Times is working on other stories there are a lot of other interviews they did that they have not used yet and that they will be pursuing it further. I think that sets a template for the other news media lets others know that if the Times can cover it that it’s acceptable for them to cover it as well they don’t have to worry about being slammed as being wackos Linda you and I can relate to that a little bit that how that works so I’m very hopeful that it that it leads to ongoing coverage by major media and that it lets elected officials and government officials know that it’s okay to discuss this in the open you know Harry Reid I guess we’re going to talk about the Harry Reid interview that I’ve done this week .



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