“A Timeline of Treason”

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from Quite Frankly:

“A Timeline of Treason” 12/28/17


Well, last night felt like we had a lot of great company over. Tonight will be the after-party on the back porch with a fire pit, only the fire pit may be a hookah. Either way, it is a colder night than last, and we have Rob Corrado in studio for the second-to-last broadcast of 2017. We will talk about last night’s show with P.A. and Baruch of the CBTS board on 8Chan, the comments received from the audience, and analysis of another anon that sometimes gets lost in the fray of the saga known as Q. In the second half of the show we revisit an old leaky friend, Evelyn Farkas; plus, we skim through A Timeline of Treason (linked below). We do a lot of Overtime and take some calls at the end.

Tomorrow will be relaxed and easy. A Timeline of Treason: http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2017…