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from Liz Crokin:


President Trump legitimizes Q anon and chid sex trafficking by retweeting a link to @MAGAPILL’s site:


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  1. JimT

    November 27, 2017 at 8:01 am

    Great vid.

    The problem is: The police and military are refusing to do their duty. Many police departments are simply too dirty to function normally.

    About a year ago, Washington police were informed that child porn was on the Comet Pizza website. They were given all the info to access it. Then ….. nothing. The NYPD/FBI have Weinber’s life insurance files. Their action — nothing. The pentagon had an investigation several years back that revealed scores of pedos in their mist. Then …. nothing.

    We have the worst mass shooting in our history and the Los Vegas police are now insisting that a single shooter did it all — in spite of numerous reports to the contrary.

    Someone has our country by the balls — the common man is absolutely not in charge. I don’t know if Trump even has enough power to “out” these criminals. It does not look likely.

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