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Scott Clarke | Revelation 12 | September 23 & MORE!

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from Scott Clarke:

Scott Clarke | 2017 Conference Presentation | Revelation 12 / September 23 & MORE!


Scott Clarke gives an engaging presentation at the Hear The Watchmen – Signs in the Heavenlies Conference in Boise Idaho, August 20, 2017. Extra charts, graphics and animations added in post production for further clarity! No predictions, just watching and reporting. More links below! NOTE: I really should clarify that when I say “Jews”, what I mean is Israelis/Hebrews. I am aware that I need to make that distinction better. I apologize for any misunderstanding. Highlight – “No man knows the day or hour” reversed and annulled: 49:05 Who is the male-child raptured in Revelation 12:5? The homework has been done for you. All you have to do is watch and read. Then share the facts with others.

Article 1: Conservative Scholars Agree: The Male Child Is The Church http://www.unsealed.org/2017/08/conse…

Article 2: 5 Theologians on the Child of Revelation 12 https://rev12daily.blogspot.com/2017/…


The GREATEST End-Times SIGN – Revelation 12 | September 23, 2017 … HERE IS WHY!!

Part2: Something Epic This Way Comes | Stunning Scriptures Related to September 23, 2017 REVEALED!

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  1. pete

    September 19, 2017 at 11:07 am

    Thanks for the information. Its amazing that its right in front of
    us, yet so many people are blind to it.
    With the book of Daniel also open, what else do we need to know HE’s
    coming soon. daniel11truth.com

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