Hurricane Harvey: Beaumont Flood – Death Toll Rises

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from WeatherWar101:


Hurricane Harvey: Beaumont Flood – Death Toll Rises


It’s all but impossible to watch MSM and the Weather Channel sportscast the suffering in Texas. Aside from finding people living through the worst day of their lives to stick a camera in their faces, all they do is tally the horrific nonsensical numbers from the worst “(un)natural disaster” in U.S. history. 24 ½ trillion gallons of water fell from this manufactured storm, 100,000 homes damaged or destroyed, 32,000 people living in shelters, 37 billion dollars in loss, 40+ people dead (and counting), and incalculable loss of personal possessions, and not one single journalist or meteorologist asks the simple and obvious common-sense question – “how is this at all possible?” How is it at all possible for a storm that was basically over land for 7 days, to drop 24 ½ trillion of gallons of water on Texas, and STILL have enough water to drop flash floods and tornadoes on Tennessee? How is it that not a single journalist has the common sense to ask – what is the evidently inexhaustible source of water vapor supplying this never-ending storm system over land, that formed in a single day from nothing? My viewers obviously know the answers to these questions, because I prove the source every single day. Once again, in this video I show and prove the massive flooding and source of water vapor is easy to identify for anyone who takes a few minutes to actually look. In every single instance, the areas that suffered the horrific flooding, were areas clustered with power plants equipped with large banks of WSACs. In every single instance of the most horrific flooding, the massive water vapor bursts responsible for the insta-flooding ‘materialized’ at the exact location of these powerplants, and fell almost in exactly the same place. This isn’t “theory” or “speculation.” As you can see in the last two videos and from the rain totals, this is proven and evidenced fact. As is the case with every one of these of these manufactured events and their aftermaths, the only focus these so-called journalists have, is raising tens of millions from the victimized citizen population themselves, to get socks and cleaning supplies to people who have had their entire lives washed away, instead of investigating why these literally inexplicable manmade disasters happen in the first place. I say this after every single one of these attacks. What would be REALLY helpful for the victims of Harvey, would be to UNDERSTAND what happened to them and how it happened, and to educate people on how the NEXT manufactured attack is GOING to happen, and how it can be PREVENTED.



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