Gold, Silver & CRYPTOS Update: Is This The Last Entry Point Before $1400 Gold?

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from McAlvany Financial:

Gold And Silver Update: Is This The Last Entry Point Before $1400? 


Is this the last entry point for gold before crossing into $1400? We discuss the movements of silver the last week. JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon warns of governments trying to crack down on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium, however the Cryptos offer large speculation opportunities currently. The US Dollar index moving higher after after Janet Yellen desperately tries to assure the markets they still plan on raising rates this year… Last Week’s Golden Rule Radio: Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged, Gold Accumulation Increases As North Korea Threatens… Last Week’s McAlvany Commentary: QE still alive and well: Worldwide central banks pumping in 300 billion per month… ARTICLES:……

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