CRYPTOS: Chris Duane Challenge Accepted, and a Wager

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from The Monetary Reset:

CRYPTOS: Chris Duane Challenge Accepted, and a Wager



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  1. cmore

    September 10, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    ledger was based on a commodity. he overlooked that point. bitcoin is more similar to the dollar in which its value is based on faith? and not a commodity. I admit I wish I had been in on bitcoin when it first started up and bought say, 100 bitcoin back then. I always remember the news broadcaster that said she had bought some at the end of the story and I wonder if she held on to it. Bix Weir made the comment to cash out some bitcoin and buy precious metals. I believe that too go after profit taking and try and take most of ur initial investment of the table regarding crypto.
    MSFT products are software utilized to manage a variety of everyday tasks.
    Question: how many versions of competing types of msft word are out there vs crypto?
    I tried to start up with CDX that is supposed to be based around helping websites being demonetized. I liked that idea as I read alt news every day and want to be supportive. Well they asked me for all the information on my drivers license? Well fuck that! Now I hear the IRS has a way to track blockchain transactions. Don’t fool urself into believing this will last in its current incarnation. The government always gets its money.
    Chris Duane admits to being all in on silver and sounds bitter at times. That’s kinda crazy as I have put a limit on my stack at which point I am now buying gold albeit much smaller amts.
    In the end we just need to look at Venezuela to see which “currency” will fare best. I will let u answer that question urselves.

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