NWO: Do We Have a “Right” to Cognitive Liberty?

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from Truthstream Media:

Do We Have a “Right” to Cognitive Liberty?


That headline on the tile for this video is from Scientific American. Not only are they pretending this is suddenly a question now, but they’re acting like they don’t know the answer, like it’s somehow up for debate.

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  1. cloudy

    August 27, 2017 at 4:25 am

    Frivolous & Nonsensical Thinking forments/institutes Insecurity within The Victim.

    Frivolous & Nonsensical Thinking [F&N-T] is “The Anti-Christ” because F&N-T destabalises Its victim by making him Think about nothing real. By making The Victim Think Frivolously & Nonsensically. And why is this so damaging? Perhaps the following might remove “The Veil of The Devil”, said “Devil” being Subltety Inc.. After all, when your Real/True Enemy is invisible, one’s guard will/might be relaxed.

    Which is more destabalising? Your best friend, whom you have known for years, saying that he’ll be Leaving Soon or some ant coming up to you and saying, “I’m Going to Take Over Your House!”. Which is more destabalising? Some News or Incredulity? Incredulity, of course.

    Here in The UK, The Casino’s Best Pal, Gambling Inc., aka “British Telekoms”, one fine day announced that some telephone numbers [like those beginning with 0870] will automatically be chargeable. The Gullible, being The Worshipfuls, just shrug it off until they were forced to telephone some “Support Number” to beg for the fulfillment of the support for their “Insurance Policies”. Instead of the usual, “We’re Soo Sorry”, followed by, “but Thank you for letting us Do Eet All Over Again” [a fav of The Guilty], The Gullibility of Worship then find themselves waiting, and waiting, and waiting for Dem Sorrowfuls to comeback “Online” by which time said Gullibilities would have “discovered” that their telephone bills have soared higher than “Mt Everest”. This is what “chargeable 0870 numbers do best.

    Taxing old age pensioners a 2nd and 3rd time on their pensions might alleviate “Living Beyond Yore Means” a little bit longer with Dem Gullibility of Pensioning thanking their “Kolonial Massers” for allowing them to celebrate “Da Queen’s Jubilee im Da Streets” unhindered, but when a beggar is out begging, the thieving nevah, evah, stops. Yes, Dem Gullibility of Worship might thank their lucky stars when 0870 telephone numbers are free to call – but not when most of The Sorrowfuls have changed their Telephone Support Numbers to the new chargeable numbers of 0871 ! After all, “BT” is not an octopii arm of “Downtown Tel-Aviv” for nothing. You know, when Beggary-Thievery’s halllmark is “To Free Palestine”. What’s next, El Numbar Oneness? Howsabout “Free Middle-East”! What to do when The Vast Majority believe, wish, hope & pray that “Energy will be Free” after “Global Warming” – pleeze g_d! But NOT when “Global Warming” is merely a variation of The Greedy-Fearful’s methodology of “Taxation & Credit”. Remember well that ALL Life on Earth depends on The Sun’s Generosity – which is “Free” – but not when “SunSpot Activity” goes “ballistic”, of course.

    Boyz N Galz might expose their “Websites” like flies on a hot Summer’s Day to Finger-Point at “Dat Evil Over Thar”, but all the jokers are doing is formenting “Insecurity”. Allow, then, the following explanation to unfold..

    When something incredulous is happening, what will most Thinkers do? Like it or not, they will Think Frivolously & Nonsensically. You know, gamble/”guess” as if there is no tomorrow. To Think without any basis of Reality/Truth other than to “Finger-Point”/”Imagine”. When Pro is tusselling with Con, Doubt is then The Rationale. Incredulity makes The Victim Insecure by suggesting The Impossible as being Made Possible – via The Imagination. Like it or not, Cancer, which is an Emotional/”Left-Sided” affliction, happens after a shock [to “disarm” The Right]. Charging Another for your inefficiency might be AOK for The Pallys of “Downtown Tel-Aviv” but “Someone Gottas Pays for Eet”. When you are able to see The Devil Dancing over your best friend’s grave, that is called Too Late for your friend.

    When a stable person is driven to the point of instability, that is then Too Late for The Victim. More incredulous is when The Victim happens to be its own Thief. When Imagination makes self disRespect self by blaming another. To making self Insecure about nothing real. This is actually what Finger-Pointing is doing. Being made Guilty of something you “Have Not Done”. This is because when Security is separated/”divided” into Greed/”Masculinity”-Fear/”Femininity”, Security is then made Relative/UnReal.

    The Spiritual is invisible because Spirituality is about Behaviour whereas Materialism’s counter, via Imagination, aka Malevolence’s version of Infinity, is to Pill-Pop one’s way out of one’s misBehaviour via “Anger-Gulit”. You know, when No Pain, No Gain, somehow but don’t know how, magically becomes No Pain, All Gain. A real joke, if any. About Real Justice to self. When most, if not all, are Unjust to their self, demanding/expecting Justice is one Joke Too Far-Gone/Late. When A Smoker is agreeing to some Tobacco Industry’s spiel of “Damaging the Lungs, What Damage beecuz I’ve Been Smoking for Years”, you know then that not only is addiction in the cards but that a joke will be arriving too. You cannot help The Victim who is also The Thief. Addicition has only one aim and that is to Damage self via Frivolous & Nonsensical Thinking. By making The Vast Majority Think via Imagination, Frivolity & Nonsense is then the aim. This is what Incredulity is trying to do. By formenting Insecurity, Subtlety, posing as Incredulity, makes F&N-Thinkers insecure. Incredulity makes “people” insecure about nothing real. When Knowledge is merely for “Knowing”, Religion & Religiosity then is “On The Cards”.

    Knowledge is for Becoming-Being, Knowledge is not for “Knowing”/Owning. Justice within The Material Realm is Relative whereas Real Justice ONLY happens when one absolutely Respects/Forgives oneself. Hands up those who have had realised that Fame, Fortune & Immortality [FF&I] is merely for Muscle Talking – and acting so. When FF&I is not because of consequence or accident but because of self-realisation, something which Mohammed calls “Surrender”, only then FF&I will have Spiritual meaning. Then, Gullibility, aka Worship, which is merely Saviouship-in The-Future, will depart. Nobody needs to Finger-Point at The Gullible. After all, The Divine never does so. More so when The Divine is actually The Embodiment of Forgiveness-Love. You know, when Energy-Creation’s first creativity is “Innocence”, aka “Gravity”, The Embodiment of Wisdom being Innocence. Something non-Thinkers like Children, Animals & Vegetation are filled-with. Something which most “Adults” lack. Is that trying to tell you something?

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