BITCOIN: $13,800 & BEYOND?

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from SGTreport:


BITCOIN: $13,800 & BEYOND? 

Clif High from returns to SGT Report to discuss the latest web bot data and the linguistic trends that suggest a near term price of $6,888 for Bitcoin before a massive correction and then a run up to $13,800, and potentially beyond, by February of 2018. NOTE: This conversation does NOT constitute investment advice, it is merely a discussion about crypto currencies which are extremely volatile and NOT for the faint of heart. As with any potential “investment’ do your own due diligence before committing a dime to ANY crypto.

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  1. cloudyswift

    August 12, 2017 at 5:11 am

    Yeehaw & Ypiee too! US$13,800 eh? What’s next. Just like Divinity/”Spirituality” is NOT about Worship but about Tangibilised Faith [which is NOT ”Materialism”, because that is merely Blind-Blinded-Faith], Reality is NOT about Relativity. For this reason, The First Creation before The Advent of The Big Bang is Innocence – for “supporting”/sustaining Truth/Reality.

    Reality is one’s very own whereas Worship, which is merely The Other Face of [The Same Coin of] Saviourship/”Saving”, is merely Relativity. What Another perceives. But what if Another is Blind-Blinded, aka “Religious”? What then? You wanna be merely Religious too? Why at US$13,800 per”Coin”, who the ‘eck cares, eh? Especially when Da Mining Rig is still mining the stuff ! S, S & S indeed.

    For The Blind-Blinded/”Materialised”, US$13,800 is NOT about Easy-Come because that will soon be Easy-Go. $13,800 is about Fame, Fortune & Immortality, aka “Materialism”/”Greed” ruling The Roost. Greed is OK should it not merely be The Expression/”Feminisation” of Fear. For the unconscious and unaware, Fear is what causes “The Good” to go “Bad”. To be exact, Fear of The Unknown.

    Be aware that [real] mothers are “automatically”/instinctively bonded to her child and is the reason why the real mother NEVER “catches” anything from her child. That, then, is True Love, Love being [seemingly] “Blind”/Unconditional Acceptance. The Body automatically rejects anything foreign [ask yer “doc”] and yet, The Material Female Body will accept “Sperm”, keep the resultant feotus for approx 8 months before ejecting said “foreigner”/baby. Will some Scientifico explain that miracle? Be aware, then, that Scientificos are those who are unable to absolutely distinguish between Benevolence & Malevolence.

    If true [and it is true but how will self be able to “discover”/realise?], Greed-Fear not only Makes The World Go Round, Innocence/”Benevolence” [which can NOT be “Destroyed” otherwise Malevolence will be Running Amok, which It seemingly is nowadays] is not some Spiritual Goody-2-Shoes Frivolity & Nonsense [beecuz S, S,& S Rulez, OK?]. Benevolence is merely materialising “Gravity”. This is because Gravity is The Materialised form of Innocence.

    As such and if true [and it is The Truth/Reality], in order to sustain Truth/Reality/Spirituality/Divinity/Energy-Creativity, “Gravity” was “Created”. After all, who “dares”/is-able to unravel Gravity? You, dear Scientifico, aka Yeehaw & Yipee, $13,800 and Beyond ! Be conscious and be aware, therefore, that The ModernDay Affliction is Frivolous & Nonsensical Thinking, aka “The Anti-Christ”. That of the inability to absolutely distinguish between Benevolence & Malevolence. You know, like “educating” 1-yr olds on “Oral Sex” – for when they reach “maturity” to “cut-down” on “Sexually Transmitted Diseases” and that biggy, Vacillation. Vacillations like “Homophobia”. You know, when “Downtown Tel-Aviv” Rulez, OK? After all “Male Elephants” also “Do Eet”. The fact that “Animals” lack Thinking elude The ModernDay Afflicted. You know, like ”A Little Bit of self-Poisoning”/“Alcohol”/”Wine”. More so when after being “A Little Bit Tipsy”, Oh La-La appears ! No wonder those whose rationale is not “Intellect”/”Intelligence”/”Romantic”, aka being “Frivolously & Nonsensically Thoughtful”, “Breed Like Wabbits”!

    When Greed is The Rationale, that is merely Fear in the-waiting/”progress”. Be conscious and be aware therefore [but how?] that The Divine/Energy-Creator realises full-well that “humans”, aka The Multiplicity-of-Natured, can NEVER be The Singularly-Natured of Benevolence, which is why The Real Capitalist, aka The Energy Creator, seemingly blindly shares HIS Energy Creativity with The Multi-Faceted-of-Nature, aka becoming The Real Communist, when “humans” gain The Desire for Purity. Why? Because some “humans” may then act as if they are never hypocrites. And Benevolence frowns upon that way of expressing Benevolence. This is because there is NO such thing as A Little Malevolence/”Wine”/self-poisoning. Singularity means “You Are or You Are NOT”.

    As such, The Real Problem with “humans” is Greed, aka Fear of The Unknown. $13,800 per coin is not The Real Problem. Hands up those who would like to disagree. Be ware, then, that Bookies “prey” on those who disagree via “Casino Joints”. You know, when “Gambling” becomes “What’s A Little Bit of Fluttering, eh?”. When Gambling becomes “Lottery”, aka “Insurance”. You know, when “Eets YOU !” happens to be little ole you.

    Can’t see it, won’t ever see it? Well, there is always Da Coin going up to $20k each !! But what is that when all one could spend that on is Sweetness Rulez, OK? Ever thought of that? Not when SS&S is The Rationale for Existing. Of course.

    Bookies derive A Roaring Trade when “Elections”, aka “Sports” [or whatever] is A-Sporting. Be aware then, that another name for Malevolence is The Bookie. You know, The One who does Roaring Trade from Disagreement/Vacillation. No wonder Bookies always “Round-Off” to ensure their “profitability” in addition to saying, “Gamble Responsibly”. How “caring” of the “Downtowning Tel-Aviv” !

    It is when the odd gamble manages to nab the odd “Vacillatory Odds”/”Arbitrage” before A Bookie awakens to deny the odds/”gamble” that Bookies seemed to be “At A Loss”. Human Justice allows for that because it gives Justice/”The-Judiciary” “A Breath Of Occassional Fresh Air”. Yes, that gullible/”worshipful” ! You know, when “The Insurance” pays off. Not when you are dead and the claimant happens to be yore “Nearest & Dearest” – mit her boyfriendz !! Und at $20k per coin, eet shore is worth eet !! Pity self has only vun life to give, eh?

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