WAR DRUMS – Russian Warship Sent to Protect Syria from USA

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from End Times News Report:


WAR DRUMS – Russian Warship Sent to Protect Syria from USA


Following a massive Tomahawk Cruise Missile strike on Homs, Syria by Donald Trump, Russia has dispatched a naval warship to protect the Syrian coast from further American aggression.

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Sample Message:

Under our Constitution, the job of declaring war is granted to the legislative branch, yet the executive branch has carried out an act of war against Syria in the form of a cruise missile strike. There was no immediate threat to the United States or its interests to justify unilateral military action by the president without the consent of Congress. And, as a result of these strikes, several innocent children have been killed.

Though I do not believe that President Assad was responsible for the gas attack that killed 100 civilians, even it he was guilty, that does not come close to the number of civilians that the US military has massacred just in the last month. According to military officials that have been widely quoted in mainstream news publications, the US military has killed over 1,400 civilians in Syria and Iraq in just the last 30 days. For President Trump to commit an act of war over 100 civilian deaths while he is personally responsible for killing over 1,000 civilians, is nothing short of an outrage.

I call on you as my representative in the Congress to assert your right to decide when to declare war. Take the blank check away from the executive branch before we end up in a nuclear showdown with Russia.


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